Does The LG V30 Pass The Washing Machine Test?

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The LG V30 In A Washing Machine!


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  1. Well done test ! I have one of these phones, and I had to disable water sensor in service menu as it was complaining all day about water after diving (surface shallow) with it. I see you had no such issues. I am glad you did this test. Have you ever done deep water test to see the maximum depth ? Looks like apple is 50 feet, samsung 40 feet, I might try it next season to see its limits 🙂

  2. Dude, what are you doing to end up falling into the ocean? At any rate, the salt water is going to corrode the USB-c port but at least you still have wireless charging.

  3. I hate to call you a liar, but I suspect a bit of a video editing here. When you removed the phone from the washer it was no wet, not even damp. the label on the back side of the phone was not even soaked with water which is just not going to happen! why? this washing machine had washing detergent in it, even it you removed it after the water was drained, it would have been damp. The label in the back would have at least shown some water damage especially due to the erosive and cleaning nature of the washing liquid. And even though you showed the 60X continues footage, your video cut to the washing machine's time dial before cutting back into an out of focused shot were you reached in and fished it out of a completely drained washer and like I said, it wasn't even damp! Something is feeling fishy here!