DON'T Buy The New iPhone SE

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  1. I think having a counter-video to an already great example of why you should get the phone, will really throw people off…

    They might really want the phone but are skeptical because of his follow-up.

  2. I like the iPhone SE. Lost my A71 and decided to try out the SE and it's a much smoother experience. The touch screen is more precise and responsive than the one on the A71, despite the size difference. Also picture, and especially video quality is noticable better on the SE. When it comes to the screen the A71 is miles ahead, but the SE is perfectly adequate. I think ditching high resolution in exchange for better performance and power efficiency is a great compromise. The short battery life is the only thing I find really annoying, but apart from that the SE has come to be my all time favorite smartphone.

  3. I used to have an S8 and got this phone and I actually prefer this because it’s faster and I don’t accidentally tap the screen when I’m holding it with one hand.
    The bezels don’t really bother me plus it fits in my pocket better so yeah…

  4. I'm an Android phone person (though to be fair an Apple tablet devotee in particular IPad Pro line) I upgrade my android phone at worst every couple of years and sometimes yearly I like to be on the forefront of technology.

    Phones like this aren't designed for people like myself and that's fine. I would still argue there's a viable market and I look no further than my roommate. He doesn't need the latest and greatest as he's simply not that picky about technology. He prefers apple everything and until this phone was released was quite literally still rocking an IPhone 5C. He finally upgraded to this a few months ago because it ticked the boxes he was looking for. Smaller device not costing a fortune, one that was still in apple's ecosystem so he could link everything to his Mac and tablet and finally one that would get consistent updates and run far better than that old 5C.

    He didn't care about the aging design or any of that stuff, he simply wanted a smaller phone that was still an iPhone though with substantially more power than his previous phone without breaking his bank.

    Mission accomplished in is case and I would imagine in the cases of quite a few others.

  5. This guy is right. I don’t know if it’s Cricket my carrier but We live in the woods in the country and every android I have tried calls just drop. I got an iPhone XR and the phone calls never dropped on it, and I have a cancer doctor I need to get a hold of. I gave my daughter my XR she’s 17 and being 17 when she’s out that can be life or death for her, If she has to call me and she’s in trouble I can’t have her phone call drop. So my only other alternative was the iPhone SE that’s all I could afford, And the calls don’t drop at all especially when it’s important like my doctor or to my daughter. I actually like this phone but, He’s right people like me that are stuck at a certain budget we have no other alternative if we want an apple.