Don't Buy The Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6) in 2019 Without considering the Nokia 5.1 Plus (X5) & GCAM- Review

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The Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6) seems like the perfect portable mid ranger on the market in 2019 but the Nokia 5.1 Plus (X5) is faster and more fluid in experience. Here’s everything worth considering before you buy either one of them. Also includes camera comparison with GCAM and unboxing.

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  1. I like compact phones, at the same time battery should last for a day atleast. I don't play games but I do watch videos and stuff. I have three in my mind Nokia 6.1 plus , Nokia 8.1 and Moto One. which one I should go for ?

  2. Brother i dont care for the fast and teqnics characteristics
    …. please tell which one has the best and quality screen
    for my eyes…that's the basic for me

  3. Very reasonable price,so beautiful especially white one, compact size,nice cameras, strong hardware,full hd display,usb type 3 with fast charging, notification light, and again beautiful beautiful beautiful.what you need more at this price?