DON’T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Samsung Galaxy Note / S8+ / S8 skins –

Samsung Galaxy S8 (USA Link) –
Samsung Galaxy S8 (International) –
Samsung Galaxy S8+ (USA Link) –
Samsung Galaxy S8+ (International) –

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an awesome phone but I think most people would be better off spending their cash an a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. If you’ve got the cash for the Note 8 you’ll be happy with it but your dollar goes a lot further if you spend it on a Galaxy S8 or S8+.

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  1. Opened a new line at sprint got the 50% off new galaxy (20/month vs 40) also got to change plans from my old unlimited everything and 3gb hotspot for 75 a month to a new unlimited plan with 10gb hotspot per month for 60 a month. So in a way I'm paying 5 bucks a month for this phone after buying it out at the end of the 18mo lease for 250 it will cost me a whopping 340$. So far extremely pleased with it, many things could be improved but you could say that about any device or..anything really.

  2. I bought the Note 8 and after 5 days of light use it just had the NEW ISSUE of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black Screen of Death…. please talk about that!! There are things that are acceptable and things are not when it comes to a phone… I am ok with bending, ok with locked uncustomizable software… But I AM NOT OK with the phone EXPLODING… or turning BLACK and never going BACK!

  3. Your "average person" – yeah whatever. The pen is like an endless piece of paper, you can show people stuff in (say a hardware store) don't remember what a widget is called. The screen off memo gets a lot of use here.
    Let the buyer decide if he/she is at (or above average). You might not use it "every day". I even tell jokes that need a pic with my pen 🙂

  4. I don't understand. I'm sitting in India n seeing your purchase link n s8 is selling for 450$.I've been wanting this s8 so badly that i checked in indian amazon site. It's showing equivalent to 800 dollars.
    I'm literally cursing this price situation here!
    Even here everyone's income is so less.. Like averaging 200$ per month. Still things costs more here than over there. Really cursing…
    Probably have to wait another 1 more year to buy at atleast 500$ range in India. ?