Download Live Message for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ (NO ROOT)

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How to Download / Get Live Message for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ (NO ROOT). This app is Note 8 Port and it works perfectly on the latest Samsung Devices. S7 Edge works perfectly! Special thanks to mweinbach for making this possible.

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Step 1:
Following the above steps to reach the secure startup setting, toggle the option “Secure startup”. If it’s on, turn it off or if it’s already off, then turn it on. Now restart your phone.

Step 2:
Extract the zip file linked above (from any of the links) and install all three of the APKs.

Step 3:
Change your keyboard input by either going to Settings and then “My device, select “Language and input” and picking Samsung Keyboard Neural Beta as your default.

Step 4:
Set up the keyboard, and once done you can hold down the emoji key then tap the live messages option to open up the Live Messages feature!



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  1. Why Secure Startup ?
    Because you won't get "Package installing failed" when you install the apps.
    Can I disable Secure Startup ?
    Once the live message works, you can disable it and restart your phone/

  2. Can someone help me this stop working after I install the oreo beta so I uninstalled the live message from my s8 and looked onljne and fojnd a new versjon of samaung neural keyboard but when I installed it it said cant install app.

  3. Please help me buddy while installing the three apps this the message that I get

    App not installed.
    The package conflicts with an existing package by the
    same name. I've followed all of your instructions on my s8+