Edge Screen Features on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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How to use your Edge Screen Features on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. check out my Samsung Galaxy S6 playlist here

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  1. While the S6 Edge looks amazing, I don't think there are enough features to justify the additional $100; I guess the added cost is mainly for the aesthetics.

  2. You're rubbing the edge too slowly and that's why it's having a hard time distinguishing the request. Try swipping in a smaller area and go faster. Pretend you're rubbing a genie lamp.

  3. +Rootjunky.com Great video Tom..its now time to root this one as well(its already available) special thanks to chainfire…I remember this similar feature(news ticker) on the note 2 (4.1.2) except it was on the bottom of the lockscreen, I truely miss that feature..yet folks think a feature like this is sooo new lol #buzzer sound!!! Wrong!

  4. Hey dude can you make a series about the Samsung galaxy tab 4. Because I was wondering how to install recoverys, roms, and all of the above. Because basically my tab 4 is stock recovery stock rom I can't get any recovery and any rom.

  5. hey can u help me with this!
    i have a s6 edge and when i rub the edge to see notification brief its says UNABLE TO SHOW NOTIFICATION!!  
    how to see them?

  6. wait did you say for your night clock, the whole screen is off and only the edge is on?? on my edge, when the night clock activates, the clock and alarm is clearly visible, but the main screen is also "on" , a very dim grey….

  7. good work done bro…i wana ask that i saw the video on youtube that u can add note edge 4 like shortcut edge on s6..there is one feed…can u plz tell..thankss..

  8. you have to swipe top to bottom and back up. if you do it WRONG it won't work nearly as well…obviously. they show you this in wording AND pictures. don't blame the phone