[EN] SAMSUNG Galaxy Note3 (Korean Version) Unboxing

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  1. I really appreciated for your video , I wish i could get one too! please dude could u teach me how to get that phone as u did or i can pay u money to buy from u! thank u so much.

  2. It's more of a culture thing. Or a habit. Koreans have been accustomed to an extra battery and being able to switch batteries in their phones for a very long time — even back in 2g-phone times in the early 00's. They cost more than the international/us version for that.

  3. Can you tell us the exact model? I'm also interested about the specifications' differences in comparison with the international model. I had a Note 2 N7100 (which are made in China, Vietnam, Made by Samsung??!!!) and afterwards I bought a second hand Note 2 SHV-E250S korean version, which is much-much better in quality and specs. I blame you Samsung every day for that and I'll keep spreading the news! I wrote to your contact addresses and you remained silent, only one representative said in an evasive answer that they look forward for the same customer satisfaction, quality, blablabla. Stop selling us shit made in I don't know what pirate boat! You make so much differences to your customers and we pay the same money! Sent by an angry romanian customer with a brand new phone sent twice to service..

  4. In Malaysia the price is rm650.. The body shape is look very similar but the launcher is a little bit different camera 13mp and ram 2gb

  5. I have this phone from when i lived in korea for a year. A Expensive phone i must say but They make you pay it off. It was like 140 a month for a year which is over a $1,000 USD. The Antenna is for TV which comes on the phone. I must say having 2 batteries was such a help.