ENABLE portrait mode on redmi 5a …live

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Hello friend…..good news now u can portrait mode on redmi 5a I wanna show u live on my video.

**Your Mobile should be redmi miui 10*
Otherwise it’s not working well

Friends I will tell u step by step how to install portrait mode camera on Ur mobile ..so let’s do it:-

(1):- Open the browser

(2):- paste the link below in the description

(3):- than tap on download button (which is displayed on the green box on browser)…it takes few minute to download.

(4):- than open this APK and continued to allowed button ……

After that enjoy portrait mode camera and one important thing is that it’s portrait with in 1.5 metrr


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This is mhh first trial video I make this video to just know Ur response if there is a good response than I will make another video…..


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