Every iPhone Comparison 2019!

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12 years of iPhone! ALL iPhones EVER made comparison & what to expect in the next 10 years! This was insanely hard to produce, enjoy:)

iPhone XS Max vs XS vs XR vs X vs 8 Plus vs 8 vs 7 Plus vs 7 vs SE vs 6S Plus vs 6S vs 6 Plus vs 6 vs 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3Gs vs 3G vs 2G!

Latest iPhone 11 leaks.

iOS 13 b2 latest review.

Older every iPhone comparisons.
2017 Edition:
2016 Part 2:
2016 Part 1:
2015 Edition:
2013 Edition:
2014 Edition:
2012 Edition:

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  1. I like so much Android smartphones, but this year I have a iPhone 7, and I HATE HIM, because my old phone was the Moto z play, HE IS AMAZING… But he broke…. The moto z play has 3500mhA of battery and I wore 1 long day only seeing videos on YT, my iPhone 7 only has 1950mhA of battery and in 4 to 4 hours I need to put him to charge. The moto z play comes with turbo power charger, the iPhone didn't come with, u need to buy separated. The moto z play has AUX port to earphone, the iPhone 7 didn't has AUX port. The iPhone 7 has 2gb of ram, the moto z play has 3gb of ram (iPhone xs max has 4gb of ram, and the galaxy s10 has 8gb and the s10 plus has 16gb of ram, and the iPhone Xs max is more expensive them s10 plus). So, in my opinion android is better them iPhone and, they are more cheaper them iPhones (the quality is the same, but in hardware and software the android is better). AND, the hardware on iPhone is the a12, but they was created by Samsung. ANDROID ID BETTER!!!!!!

  2. note this is a joke!

    the last digit of your like # will describe what iphone you will get
    1: iPhone 5 (ios 6)
    2: iPhone 5S (ios 7)
    3: iPhone SE (ios 9)
    4: iPhone 5C (ios7)
    5: iPhone 6 (ios 8)
    6: iPhone 6S (ios 9)
    7: iPhone 7 (ios 10)
    8: iPhone 8 (ios 11)
    9: iPhone 4S (ios 5)
    0: iPhone 4 (ios 5)
    edit: comment what you got!

  3. Im not really an Apple fan, I use android but I do have a macbook that runs windows because of software I need in engineering. Tearing phones appart, I always noticed how apple had a much cleaner design and more organised pcb than other cells. Most companies just focus on the beauty on the outside and pure fonctionality on tye inside but apple, even tho most people will never open an iphone, all the components are assembled in a very presentable way. I can assure that designing a pcb for apple is much harder too because all their passive components are very symetrically placed, thus probably requires more traces and maybe layers.