EVERYTHING new in Android 10 – Full overview!

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Android 10 is officially out which means it’s time to take a deep look at everything in the new OS! If they’d kept the names, it would’ve been Android Queen Cake, but we’ll settle for 10, we guess. Links below!
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  1. Hello friendos, Joe Hindy here.

    Thanks for watching! Leave a comment and I'll try to get back to you (if a reply is necessary, of course!). Yes, I realize my gmail is all over this video. However, I migrated all my stuff away from it years ago because I kept forgetting to remove it in old videos, so it's basically just my throwaway for testing now πŸ˜› Oops!

    Anyway, any criticisms or questions and I'll be around periodically the next few days to check 'em out! (or you can tweet at me too! Whatever works!)

  2. i am developing an android application.. For my own purpose.. But It seems that i will need to install the app as system app which i can afford.. But.. It seems android 10 won't allow me to do that.. is that true ???

  3. Whoah, so this Android 10 copied what came with my Moto G7? It looked like it was a Moto feature only at first. To be fair, the gesture feature on the Moto only did the "Back, Home and Recent apps" function 😁
    It was a lot easier to use. I'm using capacitive buttons for now on this new phone – taking a little to get used to

  4. Does anybody else's phone have a small pop up call bar?? I know you can change it in the settings to mini pop up or keep it as the regular pop up, but the default is the regular pop up, but the mini keeps showing up. Is there a solution to this?? I don't like the mini pop up. I have a Samsung Note 9 on AT&T & my phone just updated to Android 10. Thank you

  5. When I upgraded to android 10, I cant screen mirror on my tv anymore using smart view, but with the same phone but android 9.0, it can successfully connect

  6. Great and useful info! Had to rewind several times… You must be getting upgrades too because you're talking as fast as these new phones get each year!

  7. This is weird can't get to the recent apps in a browser on my note 9 doesn't work at all for some reason and when I'm in the YouTube app it doesn't work when using the new gesture feature

  8. Sir when i update this software i got so lag in my games can you tell me why and how can i resolved it i play rules of survival and cod and my phone is rog phone 2 hope you can help me with this issue

  9. I have an app named dynamic notifications which worked pretty good. But since the update of Android 10 it does not work any more. It just puts a smart icon on the off-display when a message arrives. Any idea why it does not work any more?