Everything New in iOS 11!

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iOS 11 was just released for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Here’s everything new!

Check out our iOS 11 roundup for more:


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  1. I have an iPhone too! But if I upgrade to iOS 11 can I get again Susan Bennet's voice? It was a good friend and assistant this new Siri I don't like it she's so annoying. Can I get Susan back if I upgrade to iOS 11?

  2. I can't download the IOS 11 on my iPhone 6, I'm not sure why.. I'm still on iOS 10.2, but whenever I try to update it says "error." Guess I'll just have to wait until I get a new phone.

  3. iOS 11 System Navigation and iPhone7 Plus.
    iPhone Auto-Lock is set for 30 sekends.
    Low Power Mode is ON.
    If navigation working then screen is not switching off automatically and screen is ON all time.
    iPhone must be switching off manually.
    Often when trying to turn off iPhone it turns on again automatically, again and again…
    Why is it?
    – wrong settings.
    – system bug.
    – something else.

  4. I hate iOS 11. The keyboard keeps confusing me, App Store keeps restarting (making it unusable), the new control center is hard to use, Bluetooth keeps turning itself on…

  5. "it's a big update so we DIDN'T COVER EVERYTHING HERE." WTH, @macrumors !?!?! Your video is LITERALLY called "Everything New in iOS 11!"

    F'ing idiots. unsub

  6. Hi idk if anyone can help me but I live in area with very slow wifi and I was trying to download the update last night but couldnt. First I tried on my iPhone and it said it would take 11 hours. I don't have time for that, so then I connected my phone to my computer and asked it to download. It did so I left it there overnight thinking it would be done but when I checked it this morning it had stopped overnight because my computer sometimes will turn off the wifi when in sleep mode. I would like to update but it's so annoying. Any help is appreciated. Btw I am using an iPhone 6s.