Everything New in iOS 13 Beta 3! Home, Cursor Size, & More!

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Here are all the changes we’ve found so far in iOS 13 beta 3! Read the full article on AppleInsider for an updated, running list!
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  1. I’ve noticed that when you open an email and go into that email, if you gently swipe left or right you get read or unread options or delete options. I’ve not seen that before but, maybe old

  2. Is anyone else having a much less responsive touch screen, like some swipes don’t register at all? On their iPhone 8, ever since upgrading tobeta three?

  3. I like y’alls videos and content but can’t stand your voice
    When the other guy does the videos it is much more tolerable and sounds better

  4. I would like to know when Apple is going to fix the pitiful calendar app. I think they should buy Informant 5 calendar app for iPhone and make it the default calendar app for the iPhone.

  5. Sooo iOS 13 beta 3 has been a bust for me. The three apps I have issues with don't seem to work any better than before.
    The files app does not play audio unless you are in the app itself. This shouldn't be the case
    Spotify occasionally just closes and it switches to apple music.
    The disney cruise line app just immediately crashes upon opening and seeing as I will need it in the coming few months, I'm really hoping it will end up working.