Everything the Note 9’s S Pen can do

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We show you what Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 S Pen can do right and how to customize it for the future!

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  1. If you just need stylus, just buy an universal stylus. you can buy it on amazon or other store. Some of that brand has same function like spen.

    With that, as long as the smartphone has spec to compare with that stylus, you can use it on any smartphone. Maybe even you can use that stylus on iphone

    Furthermore, if you buy universal stylus, not only you can use for smartphone but also on tablet
    Isnt that more efficient?

    If you search "universal stylus for android&iphone" on google you will realize that you dont need note 9 if you just need stylus.

  2. Yo Brian, It's Joe from the diner while you were in NYC last week. Great review. Once again glad to see you doing your thing. Looking forward to more review vids from you.

  3. Hey Brian I just wanted you to know that the S pen is not set for none of it out the box you have to go into setting and turn that Feature on, in order for you to do all the nice tricks with the S pen.

  4. I don't understand why you wud want to use a pen when your finger is right there… naturally. Using the pen requires use of your other hand ? That's why i rly love the finger print reader at the back my a phone. Same hand you use to hold the phone, jus touch de reader. Unlock the phone, pull down/up the notification bar, take pics/videos, browse pics/videos, answer calls & stop alarms. All for less than US$200 on my very sexy and trusty Huawei y7 Prime.