Everything You Need to Know: All-New Reminders in iOS 13

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Apple introduces an All-New Reminders app in iOS 13 at WWDC 2019. This is everything you need to know about the new Apple Reminders re-design and changes. Everything all you need to learn about Reminders.

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Apple iOS 13 Preview:
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    🐻 Bear is June 2019's sponsor on Keep Productive. Bear is a powerful way to take notes, write scripts, organize checklists and so much more.
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  2. Since I switched to iOS 13 on my iPhone 7, Reminders have become completely useless. It is extremely slow, doesn't sync with other Macs and crashes. Plus, all my reminders on my computer were wiped out after installing iOS 13.

  3. I hate this new reminders update! I just want to set a one time alarm for a specific event – that's it! Not map out every single thing in my life!!!

  4. I am new to using Reminders. Have used Calendar app and Notes since coming to Apple products in 2016. Do the Reminders created on the iPad App sync with the Reminders App on the iPhone? How do we do this if so? The Calendar app does.

  5. New Reminders will not allow you to set a time, only a date. Set a time and go to another event, come back and the time has disappeared, absolute crap

  6. I’m curious if you can tell me, if I make a complicated reoccurring reminder with subtasks added to main task, will the subtasks be reoccurring as well automatically? Or must they be individually set to also reoccur?

  7. So if I go shopping for my mother, and she texts me what she wants, can I copy the text and paste it to reminders so it will individually bullet point them? Use to do that on iOS12, but not on ios13

  8. Is there a reason I don’t get notified by Siri to do anything? An alarm reminder from Siri as a push notification? I have never received anything like this before

  9. Since I upgraded to public beta iOS 13 I really do like the new reminders app. But I have a weird issue, it does not give me the option to remind me when I’m texting a person. The time based and location based options are there, not person. It’s just not there. Is this a bug? Also I don’t really have any options to customize my lists.

  10. Reminder is still a weak app. Wunderlist was my go-to app for a long time and Microsoft To-Do is pretty slick. Apple is really bad at productivity design and as I have commented awhile ago, they should have purchased Evernote, Fantastical and Todoist.