FAKE Cuphead app pulled from iOS store

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Cuphead, everyone’s favourite indie platformer from 2017, is supposed to be a PC and Xbox exclusive. Imagine everyone’s surprise, then, when it appeared on the iOS store briefly over the past few days. No one was more surprised than the people who made it, Studio MDHR.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans
Script: Liam McKelvey
Editor: Jake Kulkowski


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  1. Not been duped, but there are some even worse examples out there: 2048 was a free, but dumbed-down clone of Threes , an awesome 3$ game, which has to exist in the shadow of its ad-riddled, inferior copy – and, worse, in the shadow of that copys success and hype, too.

    Edit: I have been duped (a bit) by Mass Effect 3 back in the day. One of the few games I actually preordered. Great game, but shite ending and the exact thing they promised, they wouldn't do. And no matter how silly it was: The two weeks for which the Indoctrination Theory was alive, were awesome and the greatest squandered potential in video game history.

  2. Of course I’m not proud, what I did. I simply realized, that there is zero possibility for playing a good platformer game on mobile. The cuphead copy was only available for some hours, but reached so many people, I was really shocked by. The whole world was amazed by the game and I’m really happy about it. Unfortunately several good games are missing from the mobile world. 

    I’m the head of a game developer company and my developers can do everything for mobile. I can say honestly, my developer made the cuphead game within 3 weeks (besides he worked also on other games).
    We are not famous, but the only reason is, I don’t want it. We produced several games in the past. My developers are simply amazing.
    So I found the decision to make most difficult platformer game in the world. At least mobile gamers can have a game like this and will tower above the PC games. The style is already done and the demo is coming soon, so that you all can see it as soon as possible.
    Now please memorize us under the name: FOREVER GAME STUDIO

    We’ll be back soon.

  3. "How can a consumer tell it's fake and guard against this…I don't know"…..Umm do we forget there are reviews and ratings? It'll be obvious after an hour what this game is which is one amongst thousands of appstore garbage.

  4. I've been duped by this channel called laymen gaming. Thought it was you guys but they are cheap knock offs from here in Australia

  5. App store quality check is just as bad as Steam. What are they talking about? Not as bad, It's still bad. Until Apple fixes this it will happen again and again and again…..