Filming a Music Video with an Android Phone! (Samsung Galaxy s9 Music Video)

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I’ve already shown you guys how to film a music video with an iPhone, so why not show you how to film a music video with an android phone. In this video I show you exactly how we filmed a music video with a galaxy s9 phone. Enjoy this quick video on how to film a music video with a phone!

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  1. used a sony a6300 and def watched your videos before i went out to shoot. now i shoot with a7r2 not upgrading anytime soon. will used it to the wheels fall off haha.

  2. I continue to be in awe….I so love your work…and to see you talk in this video is shocking, lol you always look so shy!!! Lol God Bless…continued Blessings!! ❣

  3. Wow I used to shoot Car meets videos with my Galaxy S8 and a stabilizer which is cheaper for a phone… never shoot a music video with my phone but I definitely gonna try using my galaxy S9! the shots came out dope now I'm convinced that camaras doesn't matter 💯💯 Good Job Michaell 👏🏾 keep posting good contents like always.

  4. Yo I really been liking your videos lately been subbed for a cool minute now just wanna say keep doing your thang! Excited to see the journey brotha keep Going!