First Look: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

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Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 offers expandable memory, dual cameras, and a full Android experience for only $2


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  1. These tablets are acctually brilliant and if u are complaning about the memory for god sake if u wanted a tablet with loads of memory get the ipad u thickos and do some research on the tablet . Also this tablet is not JUST for gaming and it gets quite good games , so dont complain about that either please im done

  2. This tablet is the one to avoid. Has had several problems in LESS THAN A YEAR for crying out loud!

    1) Charger problems. Wouldn't charge using my charger, which turned out to be charger problems. This has happened to loads of people. I had to get Samsung to send me a new one (luckily it was in warranty so THEY had to pay for it)

    2) Crashes. Yep, sometimes crashes when in the middle of appa. Crashed today as well, when I was only writing a comment. I had no other apps open at the time, and according to norton I had no viruses (I used to use line anti virus but it was too fast looking, that I began to think it wasn't genuine, even when it had found a website. McAfee locked my tablet when I tried to get rid of it when the trial ended, and I had to reset it because I couldn't remember the pin I had set).

    3) Freezes. This is way more often than crashing. Happens a few times a week. Luckily i don't have to turn my tablet off for this (unlike crashes) and I just have to lock it by pressing the power button once, and leave it for around 3-5 minutes.

    4) Has a lot of memory-hogging pre installed apps. These can take up to 100mb per pre installed app. This is really annoying for people who buy the 8gb version, as this can mean only 4gb memory left, which is not enough to download lots of apps, especially ones that need a lot of memory (like Sims FreePlay and DragonVale and Wattpad)

    5) Often suddenly goes slow. So far have found no cure to it, even when closing all apps and making the RAM used less. When I emailed Samsung, they said it was 'conflicting apps' which they said I would have to do a factoey reset for, but I plan on waiting until a new Android update for doing that.

    6) You cannot have multi users for some countries. This feature was one I was looking forward to when I got the Android 4.2.2 update in mid August 2013 for my tablet. It was a huge disappointment when I found out that it wasn't part of the update. This was even worse when I found out other countries with this tablet selling in, could have multi users.

    7) Lastly, there's basically never gonna be an update for this tablet ever again. This is because Samsung is now focusing on other devices (and before people say that other companies never give updates for tablets for just under 2 years, I'm not trying to sound ungrateful for the just under 2 years they did do it!).

    If anybody is looking to get a cheap tablet, I would recommend the Asus (insert first part of name)Phone series. Someone I know has a Asus Memopad, and it's brilliant. It has multi users, 16GB of memory and actually useful pre installed apps. The only problem with that was the music. I couldn't find out how to put the music on their tablet for them, syncing from Windows 8.

    (Continued from last paragraph) But then I worked out how to. All that has to be done is putting the Micro SD card in a SD Card Adaptor, and then put it in any computer with an SD card reader. Then music could be put on, and it might work.

    (Continued again) The other cure was to download the Asus computer program thing, and do it that way. When researching, people had said that this was a way to put the music on.

    I have not tried either of these ways yet, so please nobody get angry at me if neither of these work, even if this comment persuaded them to get an Asus tablet.

    If anybody has any questions about Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, or Asus MemoPad, I will try to answer them, but my weak point is the Asus MemoPad, considering I don't own the actual tablet, but I may know some info, or may do some research to answer, so feel free to ask any questions.

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  4. Youtube really sucks on this tablet no matter what wifi im connected to, hd is off and its still really slow…. ive had a bs metro pcs phone that was faster than this

  5. Im watching this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 and ive g8t to say that it is very very good in many aspects. Tjough I thing I dint like is the keyboards.

  6. This is the best value small tablet on the market. The screen resolution is great with two cameras. Great Android OS, everything works smoothly. The 32G memory card allows you to store tons of music. Google Nexus is also nice but there is NO memory card slot. Amazon is just an Amazon gimmick. iPad is an overprice snob device.

  7. @thedrunkenwookie huh? Google play is the rebranded android market. Theyr not different, theyr one and the same. And fyi, for every 10 games made by developers, only 5 goes to android. GOOGLE IT. Thats y Apple is prefered by many, i think mainly because of its apps. If its equal to android, then hell android would be on top hands down.

  8. Im not an applefan but I think the ipad mini is better bcoz of the apps. Android tabs are better in terms of specs, but how can u appreciate that power without enuf apps to use it with? Please developers, try producing more apps with android!