Five Reasons Why You Need DUNGEON HUNTER CHAMPIONS In Your Life

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Dungeon Hunter Champions is out now on iOS, Android, and Windows PC, and here are five reasons why you need to put it in your face right now!

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  1. HOLD UP!! YALL WORK ON GAMES LIKE THIS BUT DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT OAC.bruh there are more reasons to work on oac and not this TRASH game. Btw there are so many games like this already on the AppStore

  2. Dear Gameloft, once again please update your games on iOS 11 at 64 bit because I can’t play my games like Wild blood, Modern Combat 2,3,4 and Gangstar Rio & Gangstar West Coast Hustle and Nova 3 Spider-man & Urban Crime & Fishing Kings and Order & Chaos Duels Trading Card game on my iPhone 8 Plus. best regards

  3. can u play on multiple devices with same account? like play on pc when at home for bigger screen, and phone when not home?