Foldable phones: Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Huawei unveiled its foldable smartphone, the Mate X, less than a week after Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold. Here’s a quick look at how their key features compare. More on the Mate X:

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  1. This video is so biased you might as well retitle it: Reasons why hauawi is better

    Galaxy fold is less likely to get scratched
    Galaxy fold doesnt have as big of a crease on the folding point
    Galaxy fold seems more sturdy
    Galaxy fold has wireless charging
    Galaxy fold has reverse charging
    Galaxy fold has 3 Displays

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  3. think guys think
    infolding and outfolding is like a toy-phone and a phone
    samsung made an outfolding prototype years ago but they just didnt think it was nesseary

  4. Hahaha.. cant comparable. Samsung already made and tested huawai type bending phone 7-8 years ago. Dont mention cheap low tech company beside samsungs name.

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