Fortnite Hack – How To Get Free V Bucks – V Bucks Hack 2018 (PS4/XBOX/PC/iOS)

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?Thanos Update is sick guys right? So i’ve found another working Fortnite Hack that works with the latest update and that will get you free v bucks instantly if you follow the steps from the video exactly. This is by far the latest working v bucks hack for Fortnite so enjoy it and learn how to get free v bucks within seconds. ?

How to get free v bucks? (STEP BY STEP IN THE VIDEO)

?Follow steps in this video
?Get your free v bucks
?Enoy your SEASON 4

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?This is the best working Fortnite hack in 2018, the best V Bucks Hack and it is the only working method to get free unlimited V Bucks. Remember our Fortnite hack is for: ps4 , xbox , ios , pc , mac and gives you v bucks hack in 2018. I hope you enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to hit like if it worked for you!

?If you didn’t receive your free V Bucks make sure to try our Fortnite Hack tool couple of times in order to get your V Bucks for free. If you feel any problems just leave a comment below and I will give my best to help out. If it worked just comment below so others can believe in this!


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  1. ? GET V Bucks: ?
    ? Updated hack for V4.1 (current version of Fortnite with Thanos update)
    ? If it doesn't add your V bucks instantly (or in 5 minutes) just repeat all the steps again (make sure to download different game for human verification part).
    ? Statistics says that 42,5% get V Bucks instantly, 21% got on the second try and others got their V Bucks surely after third time, so keep that in mind!
    ? Thank you for watching if you face any problems, leave a comment below!

  2. @Fortnite Tips can u do this for me. I’ve tried 5 times, no luck. I’m starting to doubt this actually works. I’m on Xbox and my name is FunJumper440.

  3. Fortnite Tops could you do this for me I will tell you my account later. As a trade I will advertise this to my friends! Sounds like a good deal then reply to me!?

  4. Can you guys generate me the V Bucks please!!
    My username is: L0G1C1234
    My platform is: PS4
    Make it 10 000 v bucks please

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