Front-end Web VS iOS Development | career path

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My transition from front end web development to iOS development


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  1. LMAO so much of what you're talking about I've experienced first hand myself. I've completely stopped offering to teach clients how to customize their site with code after I build the foundation for them. It's not worth it, they will never be as good at design (and forget about programming) as you are, and that means that even if they CAN design some of their own pages and sections, it will still end up looking amateurish, and that's not good enough for a professional business — so it hurts both your client and yourself in the end.

    I still like teaching though, but now I've decided to focus on only teaching people who are dedicated to learning development and design — now that's rewarding!

    Regarding keeping up with the landscape of web development, it's borderline impossible these days. It can almost be anxiety inducing that so much new stuff is coming out all the freaking time, like you mentioned, frameworks and libraries popping out left and right.

    As a freelancer you're pretty much forced to become a generalist, it's hard to develop true depth in one area. You can still specialize though, you just need to spend a long time building a strong base first, or it's going to be hard for you to attract high paying clients (as a freelancer).

    I'm still going to do web development for a good while, but iOS development seems more and more tempting by the day, especially after I bought that Mark Price course, man that guy is a great teacher!

  2. Lol I really love your description of the problem-solving aspect that is IOS I'm searching for a field of study for this bootcamp I'm looking forward to way more now with this new outlook.

  3. Michael, I agree perfectly with all your words and thank them all. That's a nice point of view on rather iOS develop or not. But, in iOS development, don't you think Swift is too young to be adopted yet? I started to learn Objective C now, I've heard Swift is changing a lot yet and I'm a bit afraid to jump into Swift and feel the need to go back and implement Objective C stuff that hasn't being implemented on Swift yet. Let me know what you think please. Cheers!

  4. very honest video, I went from this kind of transition too specifically from Node.JS back end dev to iOS Developer one year ago so far no regrets, the iOS community is so great

  5. Hey Michael why dont you merge the two channels as the other one has considerably more subscribers and I see many of your videos only have 15, 20 views? I didn't even realize you had two channels. Just an idea

  6. Hello there sir!
    I'm about to make the big transition from Web development to iOS development. I worked 3+ years doing Ruby on Rails/JavaScript Freelancing and then 1+ years of Ionic Freelancing. I decided I wanted to make the Transition because it appears that the money is better for iOS, right? Also, I'm kind of fed up of doing web-related stuff, and this video of yours seems to kind of confirm the notion I previously realized myself… that iOS development feels more like Software Engineering than web-development does (Just entering into it and seeing the Delegation pattern in action sold me on iOS). Now, I was wondering If you could tell me a little bit about how hard is it to find iOS jobs as a Freelancer? Ideally I'd like to be able to work on iOS projects back to back to back. Is this a realistic expectation? Let me know your thoughts.
    -Already a fan of your videos, Keep it up!

  7. Whats the iOS market like now? Is it still worth moving from web dev to iOS as I agree the writing is on the wall with all the website builders and shop builders… I would rather not get in to nodejs its all getting to much.

  8. hey, i hope you can still reply to this video even though its a tad bit old… I am going to be studying CompSci this september as a 21 year old. I know HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP (With a few frameworks, such as Codeigniter, Laravel, etc.) and starting to learn Java.. I was wondering do you think I should still try to learn more about web development or 'leave' all of this behind and either go full blown into Java or leave that and stick to Swift (IOS) development?

  9. Great points there " keep your eyes on the prize " at all time. New to programing, I was hesitating between mobile dev and web dev I like the challenge but I wanted a less stressful field, mobile seems to be the way to go and I hope it pays the bill! 🙂 Besides, don't you have to do both IOS and Android? Because if a company is launching mobile apps for their business they would want to offer it for both android and apple users, is that doable or it's better to just focus on one platform?

  10. I decided to go into tech field and for already 6-7 months I've learned html, css, a bit of javascript, jquery & bootstrap. During this time I realized that the web development seems like a big mess with lots of new frameworks, as well as the complicated back-end staff and the necessity to be a good designer as well. By taking this all into account and by having a mac, I've decided to check out the swift.So I came to the decision that ios development is more straightforward with it's beautiful programming tool like Xcode and MAC ecosystem. I've just started programming and I hope for the best.