FULL REVEAL! Galaxy Tab S7

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Samsung launches two new Android tablets at its Unpacked 2020 event, the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus.


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  1. only problem is that if you want to edit YouTube channel via samsung galaxy tab s7 / + is not going to work anyway that dex version it looks like a pc but doesn't work like a pc, for youtube video editing you just need a pc / laptop for use. this is the only drawback of this tablet.

  2. Just wondering, do the s7 & s7 plus suffer from the same crooked/slanted/wavy scrolling issue when using the tablet in PORTRAIT mode and scrolling text heavy Web pages as the previous tab Ss do?
    Really wanna buy one of these, but as I use my tablets mostly in portrait mode the terrible wavy/slanted scrolling that appears on text heavy Web pages on the previous tab S6 s5 s4 etc has stopped me buying one…want to upgrade from the ipad Pro 10.5 2017 which doesn't have this issue in portrait mode…
    Cheers if someone could check this for me if they have a s7 or s7 plus.

  3. I am really shoked!! , why can't people learn from what's happening with the ipad pro?! , there has been alot of complaints about the durabuility of the ipad pro and how it bends so easily , then samsung responds by making tab s7+ which is 0.2 mm thinner than the ipad pro!!! , are they trying to make the tablet with best specs or the tablet that is the easiest to be bended or broken , I mean who is ready to risk the breakage of his tablet for several less grams or for 1 mm less thickness , it is not just about the sleek and elegant design

  4. In my opinion don't don't do it to yourself…
    1. You have no control over the property in which you paid hundreds of dollars for.
    2. You can't delete, or deny Bixby permissions ( like ALWAYS having access to your camera, microphone, or location)
    3. Samsung FORCES you to update Your device. The only options are later or now… How about No. Even after going through developer options it still tells you the update Will be applied in 6 days and you can't stop it.
    4. Keep downloading apps on its own like ball shooter and candy something and solitare. Even after denying auto updates and unknown sources.
    5. You have no control/ permission to remove apps like Facebook, Google Chrome, and games.
    6. Everytime you update the device it turns on all of the permissions that you denied (that is the ones that you're allow to deny)
    7. DEX Sucks almost as much as Bixby. You preach "we merged with Microsoft", "we teamed up with Microsoft" and put out this crap where most of the things an average person will use they will find themselves needing a PC (IE surface pro(Microsoft) to complete them.
    8. The difference in the 6 and the 7 is the keyboard. The 6 keyboard sucks period. The 7 looks perfect. Soooooo……. HEY Samsung rather than charging for a new tablet how about you make the new keyboard compatible with the. Oh yea that brings us to 9.
    9.The cost of the keyboard which does not come with the tablet. That POS is ove $150 again "we teamed up with Microsoft" Then why is it the surface pro has the best keyboard on the market. The simple book cover is $75
    10. The notifications refuse to go away, the system ones. Thank you for notifying me no Fk off please….. No that's not the case you can't stop block hide or remove them.

    Needless to say I'm a little fed up with this and I'm 100% sure that you'll lose ownership in the devices to come. It's your device in your home and you have no control over what you paid a lot of money for…. Think about that. Remember the pc and desktop where you add and remove what you wanted?

  5. Samsung leave you alone after you've payed. I have explained countless error on the S 6 LTE I have sent countless report and 0 NIL answer… I'll never buy anything from samsung. Maybe tv, but maybe…

  6. Fc 8MP Rc 13
    8GB Ram 256GB Rom up to 1TB you can shoot videos in 4k but you can't play them back in 4K. $849.95 USD Just by a touch screen computer so you can watch movies back in 4k.

  7. Compared to Apple Presentation, Samsung are like a team of student that have no real friend in life to make the school presentation.