Funniest IPhone 11 SCAMS Compilation

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In this video you can find a fast compilation of best of IPhone scam moments from our unboxing fails video series. Stay tuned with us to watch more parody videos from us.

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Disclaimer: This video is for funny purposes only and not targeted on any brand or a online selling website.


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  1. People may hate me for this but I kinda hate the grandma for taking the phone instead of giving it to his gran son because the grandson may have been happy but the grandma was greedy and took for herself that just pisses me off now

  2. Ebay and some Sellers on there are scammers but they will lose more no longer using ebay. they send me a broken item. I try to ship back and they send a bad BL that ups would not receive. an attorney will contact them for scamming people. also video with proof will be on social media and youtube etc.

    ebay close and lost a lot of money because of ebay.

    Case ID : 5247475385

    Anyone have experience with lawsuits to eBay? want to be able to give the attorney as much info as possible.

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