Galaxy A51 Unboxing!

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Galaxy A51 Unboxing! Hello all and welcome to this unboxing video of the Samsung Galaxy A51! In this video we unbox the budget Samsung device and discuss the device to get a first impression of the product. The Samsung Galaxy A50 features a 6.5 inch Super amOLED Display, 48MP+12MP+5MP+5MP Quad camera, 4GB/6GB of ram, Exynos 9611 cpu, and a 4000 mAh battery. If you have the Galaxy A51 share your experiences with the community! Any other questions, comments, concerns, please be sure to share them below!

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  1. Unfortunately,after some misinformation,i took the back off and tried to take out the battery in order to put the sim in. I didn't take it off thankfully, but now the back does not stick back on and my phone won't open.i'm afraid that i ruined it, any helpful feedback would help.

  2. I must've gotten my phone at the wrong place (T-Mobile)… no headphones, no screen protector (at least that's what the ADHD saleskid (20 y/o) was telling me. I don't even think I have those quick start guides or the SIM card key. 🙁

  3. Big Screen first thing to do checking the wallpapers ! Dude what is the size of the screen the ppi how big the battery is how many rams I wasted 6 mins just to check what wallpapers are inside the phone! Really this is first time i come to this channel and tbh won't check it again, man this is why Unbox Therapy is the big boss cuz he tells what people looking for without wasting time.


  5. Unfortunately in Canada you get 64 gb only even from Samsung directly no screen no headset no case for $480. and in black only Still great display. Thanks for your review