Galaxy Note 2/3/4: Black Screen Issue / Wont Turn On / Display Wont Wake Up

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Easy Fix! If your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3 or 4 is is experiencing the black screen issue and perhaps you can still see some LED lights come on/off or even hear text messages or phone calls coming in then there is a good chance the 123 method will correct this. This will not delete any data or anything. What this 123 method does is discharge all your excess battery just like you do with laptops that have the black screen issues as well. f you still have issues then comment below and I will give you several more methods to try.

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  1. Thank you for this. My phone has not been right since an update 6 months ago and i've brought it back to life a few times but thought it had gone this time. Thanks to your advice it worked again after 2 mins of holding power button. Thank you.

  2. My Note 4 I did the reboot and it came up but there rt. side of the screen there is just programing and my icons are under that
    what should do to make the coding go away?

  3. I bought new battery because my note 4 wont turn on and its over heating specially when charging. But Wow! it worked for me when i tried holding it for 90 seconds haha. Thank You Very Much Sir iLuvTrading!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 GodBless You!

  4. Mine starting a few weeks ago lagging, freezing up, restarting. Acouple nights ago it turned off and would do absolutely nothing. No download, no recovery, no safe mode. Left the battery out for about 30 to 40 minutes and put the battery back in and it booted up, last night it turned off again and it won't do anything again! This time no luck. Still won't power up. I'm totally lost on what to do now, if anyone has a solution (besides throwing it away of course) let me know. Thanx in advance

  5. Hey dude my Samsung galaxy note gt n7000 display is showing letters and everything in green color but at very low light and everything is working properly even camera is also working
    please help me if u have any video then send link in this video description or in my comment

  6. Put phone in the freezer for five minutes. Works every time. Holding down the power button does work. I did it wit a laptop. Didn't work for my phone though

  7. My note 4 suddenly went off when battery was 40% on charge. Now it won't turn on. Only charge icon with on battery level flashes the screen every 2 sec and vibrates

  8. #iLuvTrading so my friend dropped my note 4 and its has the blue flashing light, when i turn it on, it has a black screen but i can still hear my notifications going off, what do i do?