Galaxy Note 20 vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – You Might Be Surprised

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra?
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  1. Can't believe all the people trippin over a plastic back. I'd like metal sure but it's not conducive to signal propagation. I hated the glass because day one of the 1200 note 9, before I was able to get a case, my key (singular) in my pocket cracked the back just by simply sitting down. Then speaking of cases almost everyone uses a case so you never see the back ffs. I liked the note 4 backing but I welcome plastic over glass.

  2. Note 20 regular model looks brighter and more saturated on YouTube.
    did you check 'setting – display – video enhancer (at the bottom)' on or off ?

  3. Samsung posted a video of you in it. But they took the moment where you were tapping on the back of the Note20 5G saying "here listen" about the air gap.. and then they coupled it with another tidbit from later on when you were talking about something else you said "listen, its a powerhouse phone" from later in the video.

  4. Its the same with the iphone 11 pro. Some models have a “better screen” while some models don’t apple told me its normal as there are two types of screen and i was like wtf

  5. Samsung is fooling, cheating and looting innocent customers…. Cheap Plastic body, no high refresh rate, no expandable memory SD card on Note 20 at USD 999.00 ??? Low saturation and inferior quality display on Note 20 ULTRA which lacks the crispy bright colors normally found on Amoled displays, no 3.5mm headphone jack, no 45 watt fast charger coming at USD 1300 is absurd. Lower Mah battery with the slower & inferior Exinos chips in most parts of the world. This is a joke from Samsung targeting gullible customers who will fall prey and spend hard earned money on this junk….

  6. 2 reasons why the regular Note 20 display " looked " better: 1: higher refresh rate requires more power, thus giving a slightly less saturation in 120hz mode. 2: The display on the Note 20 Ultra is called dynamic amoled. However Note 20 has a super amoled display. Don't let the name fool you, dynamic is better. It gives an overall better looking image and less eye strain. On the other hand Note 20 with super amoled display falls behind in nearly every aspect. The only advantage is slightly better saturation, but the dynamic amoled gives less eyestrain by a feautre samsung called blue light filter. Those are probably the reasons why.