Galaxy Note 8: Full S-Pen Tips, Tricks & Features (That No One Will Show You)

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In this video, we will do a full tutorial for the S-Pen for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This is a complete set of tips, tricks and features for the S-Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

sakitech will cover everything including:

– Every option in the AIR Command Menu

– Every single options in the S-Pen Settings

– All Advanced and Hidden Features of the S-Pen.

Let’s dive in.


Amazing Ways to Customize your Note 8:

Note 8 vs S8+ Full Comparison:

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  1. This was fucking amazing. I just bought the note 8 after having iPhone for over 5 years and, I was about to return it b/c, im just too remedial for this phone lol. So, I decided to watch some tutorials first and I'm so glad I Did! This one is the best so far. Thank you!

  2. Please help. I have a Note 8. I got a text with a contact attachment and I clicked on it and set by mistake Smart Action as default and now I can't save the contact VCF. How do I disable this Smart Action feature?

  3. This is seriously the ultimate phone. I'm already jealous of what the next note will be like since they're showing that the new Qualcomm snapdragon chip will have all kinds of sick new features, one of which is the ability to record 4K HDR videos along with a lot of other crazy features. But I need this now and will be satisfied with just being able to watch HDR content. I don't need to be able to create it. Not now anyway.

  4. Does anyone else feel that because the phone is so big, the pen becomes more useful. I’m trying to decide between the s8 plus and this. I’m soon to be a mom so 1 hand use is important to me…

  5. My S-Pen Alarm is not sounding when I leave the S-Pen from the Note 8? I did everything that you mentioned in this video….I have had a Note 2 and Note 4…..So, I am familiar with the Note product line. So , I am baffled that I cannot get this feature to work. Thanks for any help you can be!! LOVE your Detailed Videos.

  6. Great video. I'm researching the Note 8 for possible purchase. The Pen looks very useful. I think others have been to quick to write off the Note 8 as an S8++ because they overlooked the utility of the pen.

  7. One thing I would like to add is making animation from any screen whether youtube, any video, any selective screen in gif format. Go to smart select->animation -> select area->press recording->stop….share or save….