Galaxy Note 9 Samsung One UI vs Android Oreo: Questions Answered!

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One UI Review:
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  1. Can someone help me out plz? Is it safe to get the version he has right now? Will I still be able to update to the full update when that comes out next year

  2. It isn't wasted space? The entire point of this design change is to make it easier to reach.. Content that you don't interact with will be at the top and the things that you actually need to be able to reach will be, well, within reach?

  3. One thing you haven't mentioned and I think it's worth noting is the native one handed-mode. On my S8+, this works great because the screen squeezes into a compressed, easy to reach everything page. Q:. Will the new One UI have this? It works better with the option to switch the screen to the left or right. I received the November security update and this diagonal motion from the bottom corner actually works well.

  4. Great video. I personally like the customization that 8.1 allows and prefer to keep those options over updating to One UI. Is there a way to make certain the update does not automatically install on the Note 9? I would like to avoid having the update pushed to my phone and updated automatically until I know the feature set that I prefer is available.

  5. Does anyone know how to make notifications appear on the lock screen? I can't find it anywhere in the settings and I just got the Beta, hope it's not that they removed that feature

  6. will their be video call? because when the lady from samsung announced it on stage they showed the phones "one ui" and open the caller and it had a video call option.

  7. I use good lock 2018 and the playstore app fluid N.G idk if it works on that but works great on oreo. It basically let's me use the gestures from pie and stuff.