Galaxy Note 9 Will Be Smaller, In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Update and More

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Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in August and today we have a lot of update on the device. The Galaxy Note9 will be smaller than the Note 8 and the device’s render has been shared by a tipster. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumors say the device won’t have the in-display fingerprint scanner. Apparently, Samsung wants to keep it for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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  1. Hmmm looks like Note 9 will not be innovative this year more likely a S9 with pen haha removing from the list.

    Pixel 3 XL
    LG V series
    Huawei Mate series
    and iPhone X 2018

  2. People really shouldn't expect a crazy new design every year.
    Imo this is why the S9 didn't sell as well as the s8 because of people's ignorant expectations.
    Although I believe the S9 is perfect for me.
    They took all of the problems the s8 had (and believe me it wasn't perfect), fixed those problems and perfected their hardware.
    People need to see beyond the surface and stop expecting new things every year because we are slowly reaching our limit.

  3. Bro u should change your channel's name to Samsung talk tv because i am watching your videos from maybe 6 months i havent seen any video which dont have Samsung topic in it …. Well that explains your a Samsung fan ?

  4. Ever since October there has been so many flip flops on how many changes there's been to Project Crown. No other major flagship in Samsung's history has had people go back and forth.

  5. I want a Note FE 2 ( in my opinion the 2016 Samsung Flagships were the best well over than the explosions) with a snapdragon 845 or 9815 6GB’s of Ram, the Dual cameras from the s9 Plus slightly thinner bezels (Still thin enough to have a home button)

  6. S9 gets hate for using a similar design to the s8, anyone who says that is ignorant, apple has been using the exact same godam design for the past 4 years!, b.s, Samsung is doing a great job

  7. Any help/thoughts from other viewers out there on a guy that’s been with Apple since 2012?-I’m thinking of waiting on the Note 9 to be released and picking it up(currently sporting the iPhone 7+)-I haven’t had an android since the HTC Evo 3D…but I’m thinking I’m ready to rejoin the righteous and go with the Note 9 and finally be able to really enjoy my phone again. Any comments and or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  8. The question I am asking is how a 0.something mm thick fingerprint sensor is going to drop battery capacity by 350mAh. Its even just a tiny ribbon cable after that.

    I do think their battery size increase is going to spring up from a supposed thickening of the phone similar to the S9 or using a more dense battery.

  9. They copy as s9 plus
    In my opinion , no changes in note 9.
    Dolby atmos , ar emoji with new stickers and improves bug fixes
    And dual aperature as s9 plus….

  10. Then maybe the customer should do the same to samsung. Since they want to do big changes every other yr. Then how about the customer buy there devices ever couple of yrs. I bet they wont back off there prices every other yr. These motherfuckers and apple are proven crooks/criminals and we as consumers are fucking idiots cuz ur on there dicks every yr. Instead stop buying for a few yrs till they get it right. No instead they know they can sell us shit and u will still buy it. Dumbs as people

  11. Ice universe is right about one thing Samsung is getting lazy, no new features, like previous models, maybe they should take a page out of lg's book and make phones when they need it.