Galaxy Note20 Ultra: Official Introduction Film | Samsung

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Introducing Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

The Powerphone that empowers your work & play.

[Power to Work]
The S Pen responds just like a real pen with its 3x faster latency. Keep your handwriting automatically straightened with Samsung Notes and sync audio to the notes you take with Audio Bookmark.

You can now convert your Samsung Notes to various formats and keep them in sync across your Galaxy devices. Then use mobile apps on PC using Link to Windows. Simply drag and drop files from your phone on your desktop and run multiple mobile apps at once.

[Power to Play]
Play over 100 Xbox games on your phone with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With hyper-fast 5G, you can play what you want with who you want.

Make pro-grade videos with built-in movie-like effects. Shoot 8K videos, change the zoom speed, and take complete control of sound design with Audio Mic by choosing between front, rear, omni, and bluetooth modes.

Then simply point your Note20 Ultra to another and share your masterpiece with UWB technology. Even cast that on a bigger screen using Samsung DeX’s Wireless connection. Watch here, play there. Do two things at once without interruption.

[Power of Performance]
Note20 Ultra’s 120hz display is super smooth, making it easier to see what’s on your screen.
You get hours of screen time from just minutes of super-fast charge.
With Note20 Ultra’s all-day intelligent battery, you have the power of work-class technology and the juice to make it last.

This is not like any phone you’ve had.
This is the ultimate powerphone. The power to work, and the power to play.

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  1. Wouldve liked it if they hadn't removed the earphone jack. Some DJ companies still have to use a jack. Bluetooth is no good to them. The main reason I got the note 9 was because it had a jack. As usual Samsung took away stuff without listening to their customers. Nothing new for Samsung. I will be going back to the phone I used b4 the note…

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  3. Samsung note 20 ultra is amazing but sucks that samsung are so cheapminded selling this phone with
    Same exynos chipset but in America they using the latest snapdragon 865 plus chipset but using the same s20 exynos chip on the note 20 ultra and plus the chipset of s20 was inferior to s20 snapdragon making the gap even wider and sell phone more expensive in some country than America for smomething that inferior to the customers meanwhile
    They using snapdragon in south korea because they no it sucks exynos is slower and hotter and drain battery faster and lower quality photos than snapdragon 😡😡😡😡

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  5. Samsung. You are ending the best line. It should be the S series that should be ended and not the Note. Whether it is 2020 or 2021 or 2022, please end the S line not the Note line.