Galaxy S10 Plus ceramic vs. glass drop test

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We tested a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with a ceramic back against one with a glass back to find out which one can survive the highest drop.

Also watch our iPhone XS drop test: How tough is the glass?

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  1. Why is "dropping phones" painful to watch, and no i never broken a phone since i had my first ga 628

  2. that's it!!! I will not buy another Samsung phone unless it's made from Valerian steel and Dragon glass with an ip1000 rating (white walker certified).

  3. When i see this it makes me remember that we are in the rich side of the planet… i imagine all those poor people that can't even see this vidéos on youtube… you could of saved at least ten childs from death in africa instead of doing this…. if you want to change job one day you could open a Channel on my favorite adult site "p***hub" and i would suscribe for sure and donate… chears ! 😉 😘😎

  4. That phone worth at least a year and a half of my pay and she is doing a drop test on 2 of them😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Funny how they went from making Active Sports model phones to all glass. I guess they needed a design to bring customers back to new models sooner.

    My current s5 Active was groped many many times from the seat of a big rig trucks seat. And it was not till I noticed a hairline surface Crack under the front bottom buttons that I bought a $9 rubber case wrap for it . Still takes a beating. Still working great on my s5 Active.

    Now… we've gone from 16mp cameras to all glass. Hmmmm

  6. Glass is alway glass and glass beak so better get a case for s 10 + l have drop a s10 + at 7 feet a bit from head when making a call 😢😵😱😰 luckING IT ok ! I when to get case at once ! SCREEN PROCTER SO EXPENSIVE ! NO CHOOSE !