Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone Xs Max: Comparison

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Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S10 Plus along with the S10 S10e and S10 5G. So how does Samsung’s best smartphone compare with Apple’s top of the line iPhone Xs Max? That’s what we’re here to find out.

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  1. Do you me a favorite with that big ass iPhone Xs max . Run YouTube and Facebook at the same time oh wait iPhone Xs max is a like a 6 foot 5 ball player who can't dunk wtf

  2. Havint constant updates would piss me off. I'm glad android takes their time becuase then I know they're trying to give the users the best update they can receive. Apple barely changes anything and it's been over 10 years.

  3. Samsung gets monthly security updates with added features and like both phones you get 1.0 updates yearly. Apple fanboys 🙄 Samsung and Google update Apps constantly. Apple gets .1 incremental updates basically to fix things. Apples iOS is constantly broke In some way.

  4. So let me get this straight . The s10 has….
    • Quad HDR display
    • 4k 60fps ff recording (1st on a phone)
    • 1st ultrasonic In display fingerprint scanner
    • Super steady video recording
    • HDR10+ recording
    • 128gb internal base storage
    • Fast wireless charging
    • 7nm chip
    • Instagram camera mode built in
    • Up to 550$ discount for trade in
    • 1st phone with Wifi 6
    • Dynamic Tone mapping
    • Free wireless Earbuds if you preorder. What does the iPhone max have that's worth 1099 for 64gb ?

  5. I hate the Iphone big time with the ugly notch, camera bump and very expensive compared to samsung is worth buying with s-pen and One-Handed mode, dual speaker, dolby atmos dual camera with slo-mo, no bump, bigger screen, Edge screen, brightness 1200 nits, AOD- always on display, Picture in Picture, 3 biometric, no notch blocking the beautiful oled screen, Super Amoled WQHD 2960×1440 screen resolution, up to 512g extra storage, multi display window, Liquid Cooling, live wallpaper, Customization, bigger battery, 6 or 8 bigger ram, head phone jack, fast charger and headphone included in the box, can also use VR and Samsung Dex Station, now tell me what does Iphone have to make me want to buy Iphone. Iphone is using Samsung Oled screen, Yes Iphone has a faster and higger benchmark it doesnt mean I'll be racing everyone who has samsung phone that will be boring, Its true Iphone is boring why should i waste my money for boring phone. Think about it what do you do with the phone for a second, minute and hour, stare at it, what do you like to see on the phone, for $1500. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been reviewed on Consumer Reports, they have outed the iPhone XS Max review as well and as expected the Galaxy Note 9 retains its number one spot. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone XS Max rivalry ends with the Note 9 taking the win, at least on Consumer Reports' website.

  6. @5:50 FALSE and misleading.

    You said Galaxy phones don't really get updates fast. That's FALSE because Galaxy phones get security updates on average about every 6 months.

    System apps also get regular updates.

    What you're referring to is a specific kind of update–the OS update AND you neglect to mention WHY that is the case.

    Samsung has its own UI which is more feature packed and way more useful than anything both Google and Apple offers.

    So having to wait longer is for good reason, not neglect.

  7. I’m So Lucky I’m For Asia And I will Get S10 Plus Exynox version That Is 8nm And Same Scores Like Apple A12 And Actually It’s Faster Then Xs Max Cuz of 8 gb ram and Yeah We Can Shoot 8k video Recording In Exynox version!

  8. your comparison of price is so out, it is much bigger, when you compare storage and ram. you need to be clearer in this area and also the build again is subjective so you cannot say fruit company is better , it is down to what the user likes. Also fast charger with samsung IN THE BOX!!!

  9. Updates on ios works very different than android ones… I mean, in android an update always brings stable full roms with few new features… but iOS updates are more like fixing bugs and always always bringing new ones… my note 9 haves no flaws at all… my updates never ruined my phone… by the other hand, my iPad pro 2018 always gets updates but now my battery is worse than first day literally I use my iPad and almost every one or two minutes I can see my battery going down… also in each update apple introduced new bugs to my iPad so I have the constant feeling that I'm using a beta product or beta iOS rom with my iPad and now I'm afraid of updating because now my geek bench scores are weaker due to the updates and I have a ton of crashes everywhere… my iPad is being ruined by apple itself with each new software update…. in android that never happened to me…. ok Samsung is slow doing updates but I'm ok with that because they never wanted to launch a bad update with a ton of bugs and making the user suffer their flaws, when Samsung releases an update we can be 100% sure that EVERYTHING works excellent….. so iOS updates are overrated and now being an Android and iOS user I can say that by experience

  10. iPhone is still better than Samsung but Iam eargerly waiting for a hands on the Samsung fold which is Gona be the next trend in smartphone generation

  11. The iPhone will be used for zoo trips and online bill pay while the S10 will be used for magazine photo shoots and caving expeditions.
    Each will have it's place, which one are you?