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Which has the BEST Camera – Samsung Galaxy S10+ (S10 Plus) vs Sony Xperia 1! πŸ“Έ I take both phones to Boston, USA to test photos, selfies, portraits, night mode, video & more! Which do you think will win? πŸ€”
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  1. Which phone won? S10+ or Xperia 1?

    (also, you're welcome to disagree with my interpretation of the photos/videos – beauty is subjective!)

  2. A professional photographer would easily pick the Sony over the Samsung as colour balance and contrast are hugely important in photography. As for dynamic range… If you are a real photographer you would know that shooting raw will give you all the dynamic range you need.
    Now if you are not a photographer and just want to get some likes on Instagram or Facebook then by all means the Samsung will do the job.
    Sony makes the Rx100 series of pocket cameras which even by today's standards are far superior than any smartphone it's only a matter of time before they introduce that same camera system to phones…

  3. Sony is much more realistic profesional color tone in every aspect while the samsung is more saturated thats why it produce much more bright colors plus the built in filter of the camera thats why it looks not natural, if your a profesional photographer and film maker you will understand. I dont belive that sony 4k video recording stabilization is poor coz you forgot to use the cinema pro mode, lol. I think this video is unfair haha! He is not totaly know how to use the xperia 1 hahahaha! Xperia 1 is RAW!