Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus or S10 5G: Which should you buy?

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Which Samsung Galaxy S10 model is right for you?

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  1. I gave my s9+ to wife, I had to purchase the s10+. Why, HDR10+, that display, cameras & the 4100mamp battery. I luv shooting videos with the super steady mode and boy does it work. I also enjoy using my wired headphones. All & all I luv this phone!

  2. Yeah good video I thought about the S10 e but the regular S10 was hair wider in width but a hair smaller n thickness but it's definitely taller then the S10…really the main difference between the S10 in the S10e is the flat screen /fingerprint scanner and the price difference.. the reason to get the regular S10 would be extra camera , bigger battery, 2gb more ram, gorilla Glass 6 on both sides of the phone, and a cool under the screen fingerprint scanner that works most of the time but not 100%.

  3. My wife looked at all 3 and asked what the difference was and could not see a difference when opening and using the apps. I explained what the differences were and she said she would buy the s10e because its almost 300 dollars less and doesn't need a battery for longer than a day and doesn't game. She has no need of extra ram and doesn't need the extra camera lenses or ceramic back. After holding them and using her logic for my needs as well she's right. The S10e really does everything else the others do well enough and it will go down in price much lower than the others in 3 months. Plus the fingerprint sensor on the side works better. The Screen is flat also and will not have the issues of the curved screen although a lower resolution I really do not care about it or notice it.

  4. I own the prism white Galaxy s10+ and if your on TMobile, its a hassle trying to get the model since they're on huge backorder so its widely unavailabile especially if you prodered at tmobile/best buy (screw verizon/at&t for buying the bulk of the batches in the U.S). Luckily i was able to pick mine up Day 1 at a flagship store in NYC. So far it's been overall fantastic coming from a OP6T.

  5. Does the 10+ have 5G capabilities built in or does that mean you have to get the 10++ 5G like you mentioned at the end? I was thinking 10+ but if it's not going to work with 5G, I'll just wait till the 5G phones come out as 5G is coming fast

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