Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS: Who's the KING of photography?

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What phone has the best camera? Technically speaking the Samsung Galaxy S10 has more features in the camera and a third lens but does that actually make it better than the iPhone XS? Which one do you think wins the king of photography?

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  1. you have the worst quality of the pictures for the samsung plus that macbook you probably paid 3000dollar for cost type 500 dollars to do

  2. I've always preferred Samsung over apple, but I think they both take amazing pictures. I'm glad to see an apple fan that isnt so hateful towards samsung lol..

  3. I am a Galaxy user and I think iPhone did better on the portrait but when it came to day time/ wide angle photos the Galaxy just takes the cake

  4. I've always preferred Samsung cameras to iPhone for some reason even though all online info would say iPhone is better. Just my preference I guess. But they seem about even in your comparison over all

  5. The s10 was clearly brighter and neutral. It's easier to edit and preserve dark and light detail without having something stylistically crushed or over exposed in the iPhones case. Then again, the pro mode renders the notion moot, but what do you expect with a shit load of retard logic and bias. Jesus this guy was annoying. You look like 12. STUDY!

  6. Samsung S10 cameras are already color enhanced so that you don't have to edit them before posting, but its a different story when it comes to the night time selfie😂😂😂
    Wait, a ghost?😲😲😲

  7. Silly question – but if you (Or subscribers) know, I'd appreciate your insight. I'm very new to photography. Is there a Canon Camera (Possibly the Canon EOS 7D?) that will do similar editing to photos as both the phones covered in this video – and will work great for Vlogging? I'd like to stick with a Canon DSLR. Thanks in advance!