Galaxy S10 Will Go BEYOND | Samsung is Still The Number One

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According to a new report on the Bell, Samsung Galaxy S10 has been given a codename and it also enlightens us with some of the key features. The Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy X or whatever it is going to be called will be released next year in February. The Galaxy Note 9, however, will be released in August. The Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors say the device will be a truly revolutionary one as it is the 10th-anniversary phone in Samsung’s S series.

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  1. The top bezel of the phone better be small or this won't feel like it reached the hype it has created since s8 was lunched

  2. Xiaomi is on steroids this year ? and I am surprised that Apple actually did this well, I expected Huawei to be closer to them, but it will be interesting to see if Nokia will be in the Top 10 of 2019 Q1 ?

  3. Ummm sorry to break it to you guys, but I know how to read Chinese… Ice universe later said that these were just his predictions…

  4. The in display fingerprint scanner excitement has settled and doesn't even seem like a big deal anymore. We should've gotten it on the S9/S9+. What would be really nice is if they made the S10 completely bezeless with a 3d facial recognition camera. Seems like they're only giving us little bits of design updates on these new Galaxy S phones. Why remove only the bottom bezel? Until we start seeing things like holograms, i'm not too sure what they can do anymore that will be considered "groundbreaking"