Galaxy S20 3 Months Later – AMAZING!

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Galaxy S20 3 Months Later – AMAZING! Hello all and welcome to this video comparison where I will explain to you why my 3 months with the Samsung Galaxy S20 have been an amazing experience. The intentions of this video is to give you an update long term at how this phone has been for a real user. Samsung Galaxy S20 5G features a 6.2″ Dynamic amOLED 120hz display, 12GB of ram, Snapdragon 865, 128GB of storage, and features the latest One U.I. 2.1. If you have the the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, please consider sharing your feedback with the community in the comment section below. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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  1. The depreciation on these new phones is crazy. I just picked one up on Amazon Renewed for $600 and really like it. Came from a S9+ and the screen size is the same, but the phone is smaller and easier to handle with one hand. It feels more responsive and is really quick. The 5g is about twice as fast as 4g in my area (Phx). Calls are crystal clear. It should be noted that there are three versions of the S20. There is the Snapdragon & Exynos and also a Verizon version they call the UW, which stands for ultra wideband as well. The latter has less ram and no sdcard slot in the SIM slot.

  2. Hello! I have just taken my S20 out of the box. Surprisingly, I noticed that the perfect display is kind of yellowish. Even after I fixed the colours, blue mode and vivid modes, it still has this slightly yellowish tint… And it is not all over the display. It moves when my viewing angle is moving.
    Is it normal? Is it because it's an amoled display? Or I shall run and change it 😅

  3. I have this phone in Pink. Best phone I have ever owned. The smoothness, the sound is just incredible the camera is amazing and the overall phone and size is just so perfect. Love my S20 5g Pink phone, best phone I have ever owned. Just love it.😊

  4. I do not regret at all, I got the S20+ for $400 brand new with the snapdragon 865. I did need to get the installment plan with my carrier for that price, but that is fine I don't plan on switching anytime soon.

  5. My last compact phone is galaxy S8, upgraded to S9+ and now using S10+.
    Consider to change S20 because of its compact size and beast performance, and also battery life is improved as well.

  6. A major issue i have with my s20 is they have gotten rid of the led notification light, so if you want to see if you have received any messages etc you have to open the phone. This is a pain as I used to be able to just look at the phone on the counter and see a flashing light if I had a message, now I have to pic up the phone and open it up.. this is a pain as I work with my hands and they can be mucky

  7. I never had an issue with any Samsung Exynos handset, then again I'm not a gamer.
    I also work and am a Dad so I'm not continually glued to my phone so my phones' do run pretty well🤣!

  8. I rather get a bigger screen. I would get the plus model. I don't like the narrower aspect ratio with this generation. I like the aspect ratio of my Note 8.

  9. DONT BUY THIS PHONE! This is by far the worst phone I've ever used, there is nothing worth buying with this phone. Moving over 80 files from phone to PC at a time takes over 20 minutes coming from the S20, so now I get to spend my time finding why a $1500 phone can't transfer files at 2% of the speed that a $14 jump drive could transfer the files. Thats not even getting into how the phone (ATT) constantly gets stuck on unresponsive 5g cell towers that require the phone networks to be manually turned off and on again before the phone is able to load an app (happens 20+ times a day). This phone is absolute trash, I haven't found a single actual owner that is happy they paid for an S20, only sponsored reviews .