Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 Pro! Camera Test Comparison

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My ultimate in-depth camera comparison test of Samsung Galaxy S20 (Non-Ultra) vs iPhone 11 Pro! 8K video, 64MP full-res photos, ultra hybrid zoom, running stabilization, mic audio, auto focus, low light tests, and more!

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  1. for me (I record videos and take very photos) the s20's camera looks better at night while iphone looks better at day

    but galaxy s20.. I love him

  2. Can anyone help me with the S20 camera? Mine doesn't look anything like this. It's blurry and laggy and wont focus. I've tried adjusting settings via youtube videos.

  3. I see alot of comments that s20 is better…idk but iprefer the iphone's camera still. Its more of the overall color hue i love.. i mean i dont need 64megapixels when i just upload my content to social media. Its more of the overall colors for me… anyways no hate to samsung. I actually use and carry 2 phones.. iphone and samsung bc why not. 😂

  4. thank u very much for this review! I have had iPhone for 4 years (I have iPhone 6s and iPhone 7plus) but now I decided to try Samsung since in Argentina it’s really expensive buying an iPhone…thanks very much!!!

  5. I have just bought the s20 and I am massively disappointed with the camera. Unless you are in absolutely perfect lighting conditions it is very poor. It is awful indoors or in the evening. My Mrs has the iPhone 11 and, while I hate apple phones, the iPhone 11 camera is far far better than the s20 in real world everyday usage. 1000 euro down the drain. My friend has the s10 and the camera is much better than the s20. Google galaxy s20 camera blurry and read about all the problems before wasting your honey.

  6. Hey!
    Can somebody help me please 
    I have an samsung S20
    And i'm struggling  with the camera details and focus cuz it isn't detailed
    Like my ex S8 was more focused  and detailed  than this S20 and i'm so disappointed
    Sometimes it has lags too and it's  new…
    I did everything that said in yt videos
    And idk what to do to not shake or have lags cuz i did like 10 things from a video and the back camera still shakes and not focus and it's not detailed and idk what to do please help me 😔

  7. Can someone give me the pros and cons of both phones quickly please? I have to get a new phone soon since mine is about to die and I don't know which one to choose : the Samsung or the iPhone. I have a Samsung right now. Honestly I think I prefer the iPhone camera, but I know that the Samsung's camera is great too. Please give me some major pros and cons of BOTH phones. Thank you !

  8. I know I'm late, but I'm surprised the overall photos and videos looks sharper and a bit better on the s20, because a lot of people said that iPhone has the best camera on smartphone.