Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6: Samsung Finally Brings the Heat

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In 2015, the iOS-vs-Android debate boils down to one hardcore hardware comparison: Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6. After years of alternating iterative improvements on their product lines (and trading legal blows in the courtroom), Samsung and Apple finally bring their best to the world’s retail shelves – and the resulting techno-dilemma is set to stymie smartphone superfans the world over.

At first glance, Apple’s reigning flagship might seem somewhat “senior” for this competition; after all, it was released over six months ago – an eternity in the smartphone world. But the iOS universe doesn’t carry the same rapid-fire release schedule as the little green robot’s domain – and even if it did, it wouldn’t matter. Thanks to a potent combination of precision hardware, stalwart software and a massive ecosystem, the phone we called excellence exemplified can hold its own against nearly any other smartphone out there, specs be damned.

In the past, the iPhone’s stubborn simplicity and effortless reliability would have been enough to keep its South Korean competition at bay. But the Samsung of 2015 isn’t the Samsung of yesteryear, and the Galaxy S6 is so far ahead of its predecessors it barely seems part of the same family. From build to display to camera to feature load, the Galaxy S6 lays waste to the iPhone on the spec sheet – and thanks to Samsung’s newly disciplined focus, 2015 might be the year that spec advantage actually means something out in the real world. Find out in Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6, and stay tuned for our full Galaxy S6 review coming next week!

(A previous version of this video incorrectly cited the Galaxy S6’s processor as a Qualcomm Snapdragon product. Pocketnow regrets the error.)


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  1. I can't decide what to buy I love androids but it keeps crashing I want a phone that I will have for years instead if buying a new phone every two years but then again I love all the specs and customization on SGs

  2. I got the iPhone 6 recently and I love it! Its my first iPhone ever. I was thinking about the S7 or iPhone 6 and had to get the iPhone because they MIGHT take away the S7 on the Airport because the Note 7 explodes

  3. people these day are making me sick !
    I've never had Iphone in my whole life , never had playstation , never had high graphic PC
    it was like 2008 or 9 , when you see everyone has PS2 , I was like wtf … why not me?
    but yes I've used my friends Iphone like touching it for 5 or 10 minutes … & I was asking : bluetooth? he said : no its Iphone you stupid! I feel ashamed of myself that I was not familiar with Iphone , then I asked : hey why don't you donwload "turn down for what" song , its cool! , he said : I gotta pay for that song ! … I was like WTF! … then I asked : where is do you put in SD card? memory? he said : my Ifuone has 64gb memory I don't need SD … I said it honestly to him : you don't think nokia 3301 is similar to your Ifune? like you think you can do all the things , but still you can't do some very simple things …
    & that was the time I knew god gave me chance instead of having Iphone , having a brain