Galaxy S8 Plus VS iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test: 4K, Low Light, Portrait, Slow mo, Auto Focus!

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Is the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus a better camera phone than iPhone 7 plus? I’m curious to find out too. So, here’s test on their 4k video, low light video, night view portrait, slow motion, auto focus, macro photo, portrait, etc. And let’s see, which one is the real badass.

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Front Camera & Microphone Test:
4k Video Test:
4K Night view Test:
Night view Portrait Test:
Slow Motion Test:
Autofocus Test:
Macro Photo Test:
Portrait Photo Test:

→Front Camera & Microphone Test
I’m in an indoor environment right now, shooting against the light, and it seems like S8 plus has better control on the highlight part behind me, whereas on iPhone 7 plus, that part has too much light. As for my face captured by S8 plus, looks like there’s a supplemental light that makes the light even on my face, but on iPhone 7 plus, the light looks less equally distributed.

Let’s test front light shooting. So the light on my face looks more comfortable on galaxy S8 Plus than on iPhone 7 Plus. Let me zoom in and those details looks clearer on S8 plus too.

→4k Video Test
Under 4k shooting mode, video captured on both cameras has nice quality, not much difference. But when they face the ground, the auto-exposure adjustment on iPhone 7 plus looks abrupt, while on galaxy S8 plus, looks more natural. And it seems that color temperature on S8 plus is much warmer than on iPhone 7 plus, which looks colder. What about motion capturing? In the middle of a camera movement, let’s freeze a frame on both footages and compare. On iPhone 7 plus, motion blur is more obvious, but on S8 plus, the image looks quite clear. That means S8 plus processes videos much faster.

→4K Night view Test
Now, let’s compare the video quality under 4k shooting in night view. Take a close look, and you’ll see that S8 plus perform much better in controlling the noise than iPhone 7 Plus does, especially on these dark areas.

→Night view Portrait Test
Then, let’s test portrait in low light. Look at the video captured by S8 plus! Impressive! It’s way better than portrait on the other phone. You can tell right away, with your bare eyes.

→Slow Motion Test
So, I used a bubble gun to test the slow motion on 2 phones. It seems the details like bubble’s edge on S8 plus is clearer. To further test the assumption, I decided to shoot another slow motion, on me. It turns out, assumption confirmed.

→Autofocus Test
Let’s test the autofocus speed on S8 plus by quickly moving camera to catch between the doll and the dinosaur and go from one to another. So, the autofocus is pretty seamless and fast on S8 plus. Then, let’s test iPhone 7 plus, same place, same angle, on same objects. Clearly, there’s a struggling in catching the focus objects here.

→Macro Photo Test
When shooting macrophotography, we can tell that the color saturation on S8 Plus is higher than on iPhone 7 plus, therefore the color looks brighter. There’s not much difference in bokeh effect. But when we zoom in to 100 percent and compare, we found that on iPhone 7 plus, details like hair strings are much clearer than on S8 Plus.

→Portrait Test
Last but not the least, let’s test portrait photo. From these 2 photos captured by each phone, we can conclude that on S8 plus, the skin color looks a little bit yellow because of the high overall color saturation. But on iPhone 7 Plus, the skin color looks more authentic and natural. And if we zoom in to 100%, we’ll find that iPhone 7 plus keeps more skin details like pore and has higher sharpness.

So, that was the camera comparison between Galaxy S8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus, which one would you prefer? According to the test, Samsung Galaxy S8 had obvious advantage in low light or night view shooting. But I think we can expect some surprise from iPhone 8, which will be released in couple of months. I look forward to that. If you like our test, or if you think it’s controversial, please share the video or leave us a comment. Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe for more interesting reviews and video tricks.


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  1. Oh c'mon we all know that samsung cameras has filter it automatically filtered the photos. Im a Samsung user since smarthphone discovered! Iphone 7plus captures the natural beauty of the object. I switched to iphone 7plus because all the shots are perfection they look more naturals with or without lightings. Just saying