Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus – ULTIMATE Comparison!

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Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus compared! Includes speed test, in depth camera comparison + more. dbrand skins:

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  1. My only complaint about the display is the navbar is black in most apps. Honestly it might as well just be a bezel because it's literally all black. Same with the top status bar.

  2. After switching from the iPhone 7 Plus, I've used the S8+ for two months now. I still very much prefer the iPhone for the OS, iMessage, camera and the battery life. However, I very much like the screen and the design of the S8. It defiantly looks and feels very futuristic.

  3. I love Samsung also bro.. Because everything is possible for Android.. And I fucking Iphone.. What tha fucking down ? display icons border
    And I'm INDIAN
    I subscribe your channel ?

  4. Great video dude, very nice & accurate comparison. I liked the S8 more than iphone for it's features, display & new design but definitely prefer the iPhone for camera

  5. iPhone should have something like Continuum on the Lumia 950 or new Galaxy S8 – dock it and open OS on the monitor with keyboard and mouse connected

  6. people you are becoming animals fighyning over a phone choose which one you like a don't run it in too other people becuase what about your family or your friends both Apple and Samsung fanboys have become very destructive saying very bad stuff to people just becuase they choose a phone no more please realize that it is just a smart phone it's not the end of the world if someone chooses a smart phone you don't like don't be mean to them both fanboys are becoming animals fighting over the food like how we are figh thing over smart phones I have seen people fight over a I phones that is bad stop fighting and come to reality a realize it's just a smart phone

  7. If you want a Gorgeous display! go for the S8.. And if you need a phone which will remain fast and will not bug and lagg FOR LIFE!, then go for the IPhone

  8. galaxy s8 plus camera is a win for me just because of the optical image stabilization. I could take a picture of the board all the way zoomed in from the back of the class and i don't even have to hold my hand steady.

  9. I know samsung did good job in the design of the s8 but I'm so attired by the iPhone 7 plus design ? and iPhone is so simple ?