Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which takes better pictures?

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We tested Samsung’s new flagship phone and Apple’s dual-lensed giant in low light, sunlight and action shots to see which one has the best camera.

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  1. make video on Sony xz premium vs S 8 vs iPhone 7 plus cam compare in dark places it would be helpfull for viewers plzzzz do it

  2. the s8 selective focus problem is that the s8 tries to process the image while you're shooting the photo while the iP7 processes the image after the photo is taken, its a software related problem and if Samsung fixes it then the s8 beats the iPhone at its own game.

  3. some shots by the iPhone produced that ugly yellow hue (not just a warmer tone) yet you decide to disregard that for the so "noise"? xD

    the "gimmicks" you'd never use….but use every second on apps like Snapchat xD. holy…

    last year's model? they both are always going to have about a 6 month gap in between them so regardless of which you say, one will always be older than the other by half a year..jeez..

  4. No need to talk more,all iphone user MUST ADMIT DAT SAMSUNG S8 is MORE BETTER THAN IPHONE 7plus in camera catégorie but about software i think iphone won…….