Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks: How to Remap The Bixby Button… WORKING SOLUTION!

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My very first video on the Samsung Galaxy S8 was how to remap the bixby button so you could use it for whatever you want. Samsung quickly blocked that… but the development community have hit back again with solutions.

Life finds a way.

The one I bring to you in this video is probably the best of the lot as it adds a couple of extra features and it’s free:

Download BX actions here:

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  1. soon samsung will make remapping bixby trip knox. an extra button is an awesome idea. why does samsung handcuff themselves like this?

  2. Does this work on the US version of the phone? I heard there were differences between international and US version.

  3. I don't even see any services in my Accessibility page when bxactions opens the Accessibility page :[ just the services tab, then underneath has the "EASY MODE" "SEND SOS" nothing else

  4. Thank you for making this! bxActions now charges $1.99, but well worth the price! I have purchased it and changed it to a camera button! Thank you VERY MUCH for doing this video! It's a great video! Your Youtube Channel is very helpful! THank you!!!

  5. Screw that Bixby button. This is ANDROID!! We do what we freakin' want with our phones. If you want to be told what you can do with your phone, go and get a goddamn iPhone!!

  6. Can you remap the bixby button to make it the camera shutter? Or can it just launch the app? I'm thinking a physical shutter would be much more comfortable to take pics in certain situations, for instance if you were to take a picture under water

  7. Dude, Bixby was the only thing that was keeping me from buying a Samsung galaxy S8 plus. But thanks to your video I think I may just go out and treat myself to one for Christmas. Great videos going to watch your 150 tips and tricks from start to finish the day I buy. Thanks again. Great content!!