Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: MrMobile vs MKBHD!

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A closer look at 2 of the top flagship smartphones of 2017 so far!

Samsung Galaxy S8:
Galaxy S8 Review:

LG G6:
LG G6 Review:

Video Gear I use:

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  1. I love my LG G6, especially the camera. If you are interested in what video looks like shot using the wide angle lens, I made a video of the Flatiron building and Madison Square Park with the wide angle lens on my channel.

  2. How easy is it to find a tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung? The LG is super easy! I bet not so for the Samsung.

  3. Love your videos. I always look you up if I need to research a phone. If you have time, can you please post an in-depth review of the G6? ?

  4. The OLlED on Samsung is not like the LG OLED to make burn in cuz the buttons and icons and all that stuff are moving so the pixels don't burn and I can say that because I am a S8+ user

  5. If you are planning to keep the phone for more than a year the s8 is not for you. Samsungs amoled displays have tonnes of issues and because of the edge to edge there incredibly expensive and tricky to fit. I'm not talking about smashing the screen. Pink line of death from the s7 anyone?

    No thanks the lcd on the LG is more reliable and you won't get burn in.

    I had an s7 edge for 1 year and the pink line came. When I went to get the screen replaced I found out it's $300.

    Samsung has no international warranty either. LG does.

    Why spend so much on a phone then you can't use it for everyday tasks such as GPS like Waze because of burn in. Screw that G6 hands down wins.

    In 2018 flagship there will be a switch back from oled to lcd you watch due to all the issues with oled yes the blacks are good but that's really it. Go in a store and look yourself the lcd screens look sharper

  6. Getting both G6 and V20 for both 470€ second hand in very good condition 😀 Atm I have the V10, its still good but it's time to upgrade. I've use it for editing in Lightroom for my instagram photos (@goodeyevisuals) and its very helpful. I don't need Ipad pro or a laptop for editing. I think V20 is verry good upgrade from V10, I'll get the 64gb version. I will use it for editing aswell, and G6 for daily usage. I love LG! Can't even wait until the v30 is out for sale in second hand. Might upgrade to it in the end of 2018 ?

  7. Good job guys. I prefer Mr. Mobile in terms of contents – well referenced, voice is more entertaining and presentation is more organized – for me. Marques is also very good 🙂 cheers!

  8. I choose the G6 because of its wide-angle camera which is the most important thing for me and I'm also sure that if you show the wide angle camera from the g6 to a s8 owner that he will be jealous…

  9. For the modders out there in the US: The LG US997 model is LG bootloader unlockable, TWRP available and a handful of roms and tweaks on XDA.

    The LG G6 lacks a notification light: W T F ? There is also a tweak for utilizing the "always on screen display" as a notification light with Tasker on XDA.