Galaxy S9 & Android P: Why No Beta on Samsung flagships?

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  1. my theory is that, based off what the 'p preview' is like on the other phones, definitely feels like more of a marketing stunt for many of the companies to get some attention for their just released new phones. It's a pure stock rom anyways so its not like people are testing to add much value to those manufacturers, like what are the odds of vivo or xiaomi even doing google's new gesture button?

    There are rumors of 'poor' sales of s9, but they still probably sold magnitudes better than like a sony or LG. Honestly probably not worth the hassle for samsung.

    I bet every company that was on the beta program will now be bothered endlessly for a long while to release 'android one' variants for all their phones…. which I'll be down for.

    If/when xiaomi comes to the US and they are bringing the mi mix 3 with stock android P for $500? That would get my attention.

  2. +Jeff Springer

    I reckon it's because Samsung want to keep the battle of the flagships especially here in America.

    If Samsung participated in the Beta Program it's kind of like them raising the white flag and surrendering their CUSTOM OS to Google's STOCK OS. Hence, losing their "flagship" status.

    Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo are lesser known brands in America — and therefore, they are more likely to participate to get more exposure out West and not just in China and India. And Google is trying to target them to be in direct competition with the Samsung's, LGs, Motorolas & HTCs which are popular brands in America. (Remember those 4 used to participate in the Nexus and Google Edition programs — and really at that time Google didn't have a real flagship until the Pixel came along…)

    And notice too, that neither the big 4 (Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola) are in the current Android One project.

  3. Samsung doesn't want anything to do with Google right from the beginning. And they don't certify their products under Android's Project Treble too which basically ensures that products are updated with the latest patch and fixes.

    Partly because Samsung is so wealthy and successful as a manufacturer, they don't see the need to put in that much priority into updating their software because as long as people buy their new phones every year, they can spend less time on updates, fixes and still earn a hell lot of money.

  4. Phones are now fast enough that skins should come back. I know it's counter intuitive. But having all phones run stock Android = boring. Ii have a moto g5 plus and Nokia 8 running stock. There is little incentive to buy a new device with the same UI if you know what I mean.

  5. Coz Samsung cannot think a OS without lag . First they need to introduce lag into android. Also they make most inconsistent UI (android + iOS like blur) ..

  6. To each their own, i am not a fan of the gestures, recent apps is a tap away, let iPhone be iPhone with gestures and the notch and Google do some of its own innovation

  7. Used to be a samsung fanboy but after a few years and the slow software update i switch to nexus 6p & i have not turn back.P.S now i switched to pixel 2 xl and i will not turn back to Samsung ??

  8. Shame on Samsung. They had the chance to change what people think about their slow updates, but they didn't. Stupid move. Shame on you, Sammy.

  9. Most of these comments about how samsungs software is horrible are from people that had the s7 and before trust me let someone lend you the s8 or s9 and the UI is different and smoother plus from my experiance on my s8 Id yet to have it lag and its almost a 2 year phone

  10. Got May Security update on my Google Pixel. Omg! the infamous charging & horrible multitouch bug of Oreo 8.1 has gone. Now I can play games nearly after 3 months.

  11. I have a S9+ & I hope android P dont come to Samsung devices the gestures are stupid & no close all button to kill the app its 2018 are you kidding me every android phone has a close all app button.

  12. man i was have samsung phone from 2011 run android 2.3.6 and i have it to now it's very fast and have 265 megabyite rom and about 155 ram it's not my main device now but i try it for long time i was happy with it and even in the leatest samsung experience on mid range phone like galaxy j5 2017 it's superrrrrrrrrrrrrr fassssssssssssst if you don't bellive search about galaxy j5 speed test and now i have galaxy j3 2016 and also superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fassssssst it was just lag when i unlock it than don't lag again even if i run 100 app but after some updates there is no lag at alll it's unlock superrrrrre fassssst so if you have samsung phone and it's lag just update it and do restert to the phone

  13. S8 just received Oreo update. S9 will get Android P about this time NEXT YEAR. Samsung has bad reputation on updating their products. Its better for them to wait out so they can sell same product but with updated soft/hardware.

  14. One of the reason I left Samsung main reason was the soft beauty face camera looks like you have make up on even when you turn beauty face off

  15. It's funny how I used to hate Samsung software but now Samsung and pure Google are the only android phones I would want to use, iPhones included but I prefer the android route

  16. I'd really like to see stock android on a Samsung device. Even though I don't dislike TouchWiz nowadays, I think the new look of Android P on Samsung hardware would be an amazing combination.

    But as you said. When Samsung is going so much in on their own skin, it doesn't make much sense to offer a stock android version temporarily for enthusiasts. What hallens when the beta ends? Does everyone go back to TouchWiz? That would create a lot of disappointed users, and maybe even people who stop updating their devices – which is obviously not optimal.

  17. S8 was released on April 2017 and s8 got Oreo on February, S7 was released on February 2016 and got nougat on February 2017 and it goes like this. Samsung gives you an update almost a year after they release the phone, just like apple does, just because Android p or o or n was released at a certain time it means you have to give it right away to Samsung customers, we also have to understand that the Samsung experience is not close to Android in terms of looks and features and obviously more time. As long as they release the software update once a year of the release of the phone is completed it should be fine.

  18. It's also the main reason is bootloader's. It's because carriers agreements. They don't want people rooting phones. And so they want to block bootloader's unlocking. This is why Moto won't unlock Verizon phones it's because they have agreements. So it's not about betas it's about bootloader's unlocking

  19. You're being too nice with Samsung. Obviously, Samsung wants their user to stay with everything Samsung (including Samsung Experience). Using stock Android would open users to different/cleaner Android experience. I don't think Samsung wants to risk users being exposed to other options. It's like Apple all over again.

  20. Why would you need Android P when you can get full P style with Viktoria Substratum Theme for all Samsung devices ? Search on Play Store!

  21. ignorant and stupid people would always say updates updates updates especially to Samsung. looks like they don't even care that almost all the features that was in the recent android O.S was already in Samsung's flagship long before google implemented it. and what's new with android 9 by the way? the gestures that's not really necessary at all. lol.

  22. Probably because they want their next flagship to be the first Samsung phone with Android P, and they won’t bother updating the current phones for another year.