Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S8 | 8 Improvements

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The Galaxy S9 will be out very soon, so lets talk about 8 different improvements you will most likely see in the Galaxy S9 that will make it a Must Buy!

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  1. The S9 is just an S8 with a moved fingerprint scanner and Oreo??? WTF? It's not even worth putting on the market, it better be the same price as the one+! Also we'll get to hear Samsung cry about sales not being up to par with apple.

  2. I want all these included in s9

    Front facing speakrs… samsung finally its time to have it… use the bottom bazzels and the earpiece

    Heartrate and flash between the fingerprint scanner and camera lens… that will keep them more apart and make it look less like a midranger from back (galaxy A8)

    And pleaseee include IR blaster.. miss that feature

  3. i don't have no problem with the S8 finger senser, stereo speaker needed, 60 fps camera, 6gb of Ram, battery ? in the S8 not bad but little more power will do! Back camera 16 mega pixel, improve front camera resolution, 8 mega pixel is okay ? don't move the ear phone ? Jack ?! i don't use bixby! No!!! Bixby!

  4. GregglesTV Would like to see faster updates, so we don't have to wait an extra 6 months to get the latest software, so that would be great. Native support for third party icon packs, themes, etc using the stock Samsung launcher. A red color option like they had for the S3 on AT&T, or at least more color options for the US instead of just 2 at launch. Better improved and faster facial unlock, as well as faster Iris scanning if they still keep them features which I'm sure they will. They obviously better not become followers and Keep the headphone jack. Improve Bixby, cause I actually like using Bixby. Very useful assistant and can do quite a bit more than the other assistants. Have more things support Bixby, make it faster than it is already. Just to name a few. Lol

  5. Great video Greggles! I'm going to pre order the s9 plus for my son. This will be an awesome upgrade from his s7. Hope they offer some awesome freebies.
    I will be keeping my Note 8 until at least the Note 9, maybe longer.

  6. Samsung has turned into apple. making the camera vertical vs horizontal don't make it a new phone. And the clowns out there buying the same phone silly

  7. I would like them to go back to the flat screen, for more durability, less distortion, and the ability to see all of the screen real estate at once, even if it is 1mm wider.
    ir blaster and 16/9 aspect ratio would also be welcomed, with satereo speakers even if it increases the bezel size slightly.

  8. Hello GregglesTV! Waiting for S9 to come out so I can afford the S8. Hoping it will be cheaper than $575. Also what do you think about the rumored Huawei P11 tri-camera system?