Galaxy S9+ vs Pixel 2 XL: Make the Right Choice

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The best from Google goes head to head with the best from Samsung, this is Galaxy S9+ vs Pixel 2 XL. It is going to be a heated battle so grab some popcorn and enjoy the video!

Galaxy S9 Review:
Pixel 2 Review:

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-Pixel 2 XL Specs-
1440 x 2880 P-OLED display, 6.0 inches
Snapdragon 835
64/128 GB, 4 GB RAM
12.2 MP rear camera
8 MP front camera
3520 mAh battery

-Galaxy S9+ Specs-
1440 x 2960 Super AMOLED display, 6.2 inches
Snapdragon 845
64/128/256 GB, 6 GB RAM
Dual 12 MP rear cameras
8 MP front camera
3500 mAh battery

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  1. Sorry unless they make a pixel the size of the smaller s9 I won't ever buy phablet phones like that, look pretty stupid tbh.

  2. Without a doubt the Pixel is a much better device in the long run. Software updates, performance, no lag and great battery life. Simply amazing

  3. I picked S9+ just coz of Samsung Pay: It's revolutionary and no going back once you have used it. Carrying no wallet is just so futuristic ?

  4. Short term, the S9 is great to play with all the neat toys you'll use once and say "neat" and then forget. But long term…. Pixel no question. They also hold their value better.

  5. Hey google fanboys just visited a retail store yesterday to check out the s9+. Pixel 2 xl was by its side and you know what those pixel display problems are not exaggerated they are just too real that this channel and google fagboys wouldn't admit. The display on the pixel 2xl is purely shit. Even midrangers has better display.

  6. Great video! I have one issue though.
    Software is all about fluidity/snappiness, ease of use, and features. Nothing more.

    S9+ having Extra duplicate apps isn't a negative. Duplicate apps can be tucked away in the drawer or disabled. Remember this is Android, where one can customize (especially the home screen) however they want.

    Getting the Latest update quicker is irrelevant if the software remains behind (in features).
    S9+ has more useful software features, even with an older version of Android.
    So Pixel getting updates first is not an advantage if it still remains behind.

    Imo, s9+ should win in the software department.

  7. Bought S9+ then return after three days then bought pixel 2xl. Due to the bevel edge screen. Don't like the fact that everything get distorted in the edge of the screen. Also made it hard to precisely click the spot on screen. Also accidentally clicking on the wrong while typing by holding phone with one hand. Photo taken from S9+ has that smudge effect when you zoom in. I couldn't remove that effect that makes everything looks "beautiful" which is ugly to me. The background din the photo seems to have a lot of over exposure. ….etc many more.
    However, in terms of hardware it is a beautiful machine.

  8. Ill take the Pixel 2XL. Less chance of the device burning itself into my thigh meat if it doesn't feel like living anymore ?

  9. Pixel 2 XL. Software and camera both kill, and hold more weight than others (IMHO). Plus not only are the updates faster but you get to try dev previews.

  10. Yeah, as an owner of an s8 these things age fast and they do not age like wine. I could never put the pixel under a galaxy when it has regular software updates, awesome camera, front firing speakers…. I mean there's a lot of benefits. Pixel, one plus, and iPhone take the cake for near flawless experience for me.

  11. been using samsung for a while, I hate how slow the updates were and i dont like the whole samsung UI. so i bought pixel2XL for my new phone

  12. Pixel 2 XL, performs great, after a 2 week vaca overseas, the phone impressed me. I could rely on the battery all day even using it as a wifi hotspot. Heavy GPS usage, etc. The phone just works for all my needs.

  13. As much as I love Samsung phones I wish they get rid of that Bixby Pollock's just remove that stupid button. I moved from the s8+ to pixel 2 xl for many reasons.

  14. For me it's the Pixel 2 XL because of software. I care less about design and extra features and more about camera, battery life, and smooth bare-bones Android. I don't particularly care about how the phone looks so much as I care about having Google's version of Android, a great camera, and a battery that will get me consistently through the day. And those are the things that the Pixel offers that Samsung doesn't.

  15. Decrapped filled software wins everytime for me. Love my pixel 2 xl. And looking forward to the oneplus 6 128 gb snap 845 8gb ram with stock Android……

  16. The S9+ is a beautiful phone and I don't think one would regret that purchase. However, the Google machine learning and updates are hard to put into words how usable it makes the phone and really enhances the user experience. It's like Google knows what I do in real time and predict what I may look for next. It is awesome! You have to try it for yourself. The pixel 2 xl all the way for me!