Galaxy Watch Active Review: Is this the killer of the fitness tracker?

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If you are looking for a small and lightweight smartwatch that will look better on your wrist than a sporty fitness band, Samsung has got something for you: the brand new Galaxy Watch Active. Our review will help you make up your mind whether this one is worth its salt.
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  1. This is my first smart watch purchase. I've had it about 3 weeks & I Luv it. Did a little research on watches and was up in the air about which was better.Apple is too expensive for the little use it is with a android phone.and fit bit too many models and no o e model with all bells abs whistles. Found ny watch at best buy open box with everything included for $140 😉

  2. I've got it and it's a nice watch but no leap forward from current Samsung wearables. While the screen makes it nicer and more polished looking than my Gear Fit 2 Pro, it's not worth upgrading from the Gear Sport. Battery life is ok but both the Fit 2 Pro and Sport are much better.

  3. Gonna put the money down for a grey one this weekend.
    Thank you for the great review. Nothing said that I already didn't know, but great to hear the same conclusions again.
    One quick question: If you are charging the S10 and put the watch on top, will both charge at the same time?
    Thank you for the great review and see you on the next one.

  4. I prefer my 46mm Galaxy Watch, the rotating bezel is addictive and it's tough to go back also the battery life is incredible getting me 4-5 days of casual use of checking time, weather, reading notifications and occasionally reading my heart rate. But hey at least Samsung gave us options of Galaxy watches in different flavors