Galaxy Watch Auto Heart Rate FIX!!!

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch has a few hidden settings that need to be changed in order for the auto heart rate to work correctly! If this video helped out at all, be sure to hit that subscribe and like button.


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  1. I actually used this walk thru for my Gear Sport same IU. But I have a problem with it staying on the HR app. After a few seconds it defaults to the watch face. I have the HR on the watch face but the problem with that is the watch face goes into sleep mode after 15 seconds and I have to tap it to wake up the HR. When I tap the HR on my watch screen I can get to the mode you have and it will stay there but I would rather see it on the watch face mode or the HR app where the number is larger. Any ideas?

  2. I just made the changes, but I was looking for something regarding it reading high. During my workout my watch said my HR was 220, my fitbit Blaze read a cool 138 just seconds later from my other wrist. Maybe these settings will help.

  3. I have Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and it stopped measuring hr and stress level after, I guess, scanner in the airport. Just guess, because I've checked when it was measured last time, and it's on that day, when I had a flight. And… This method didn't help. But thanks anyway.

  4. Do you find the heart rate monitoring comparable to the fitbit capabilities? I always use samsung products and am in the market for a watch. I will use all the other features but will mostly want it to keep track of my fitness.

  5. I've made all configurations you mencioned on this video but even doing that, during my runnings, the heart rate isn't displayed.. after the running exercise when I look at the heart rate grafic it shows a straight line with no more than 3 variations in the whole graphic… when I stop the exercise the heart monitor starts showing again the heart rate… I've tried your configuration, the wrist band tighter, more loose and tommorow I'll try it turned to my pulse… my gear fit2 doesn't have this kind of issue during my runnings… I'm cery disappointed with my new smart watch, the galaxy watch 46mm

  6. I was really annoyed by this inconvenience, when I practise running my galaxy watch simply doesn't display my heart rate during the exercise, I'll try this configuration.. my power saving setting are enabled for sensors, maybe it's that… i'll post feedback after trying for more exercises.. thanks for the help!!

  7. I can't thank you enough. Samsung is really shitty when it comes to informing their customers on how to use their devices. But really thank you.

  8. Thanks for sharing! thought something wrong with my watch! always monitoring working now!
    so my second issues is with my watch it reads sometimes 170 or more HR when i have couple steps AND same time i check my HR thro note 9 its just 65 or 70 …. so i need to find out what i do wrong or any other set up!
    thanks again very helpful video

  9. So far so good. Its definitely looking like a power management issue that Samsung is being sneaky about to get the stated days of usage

  10. hi thanks for the video, I just got this watch and have been having issues with the HR monitor while exercising and even sleeping. I tried your fix and hope it works out for me. How has it been going since you posted this video? Im still in the my return window and I keep seeing others with these issues