Galaxy Z Flip vs Moto RAZR 2020: 10 Differences!

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs RAZR 2020 – we finally have context for folding phones!
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Motorola RAZR First Look:

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  1. I like this Razr and I have it. Id like the added specs of the second version , but I like the design of the 2019. I like symmetry. I'm glad I got one, since I don't think the Razr will last. They are supercool phones, but the Razr has a new enemy to deal with now. It FEELS like Samsung and Apple have created this sort of monopoly-like cloud over the phone market. Basically Apple comes up with a very boring design , and jumps on the marketing attack. Basically they "tell" consumers "This is what you want in a phone, and hey, everybody else has one…" , and consumers believe it. This Forces Samsung, who really loves out-teching everyone, to tone down their phones to boring as well and just do what Apple does. So then the supporting life (carriers, phone stores, accessory stores) tend to feed into that plan. The results become, stores that don't even sell cases for phones like Razr, Lg Wing, Rog2 , ect. And the Image is sold to consumers that there's only two phone companies in life Apple and Samsung. Then you have the reviewers on Youtube, who would love to be honest about their interests, but for whatever reason have to end up bashing non-mainstream phones in favor of the same two phones. The reality is, iPhones are nice, but mainly if you are in an iPhone eco system. Samsungs are nice, but COULDVE been far cooler if socialife allowed them to keep features they have in their phones (ir blaster). The truth HERE is, for the normal person there IS no comparison between the Razr and Galaxy Flip. The Flip is literally just a run-of-the-mill Samsung phone. There's nothing you can do with a Flip that a Note 20 owner is gonna be moved about. I understand some folks praise it's minimalist design…. But Samsung doesn't do good in the design department. This wasn't the time to be minimal. It's NOT cool at all to actually cool people. It doesn't matter about the specs at this level. The Razr's nostalgia isn't just that it flipped. It's a staple of when folks could express a bit of their personality thru their phones. A BMW M5 is a great car. But a Lamborghini is just that. Even if the BMW has more hp,torque, and better gas mileage – it wouldn't matter. The Razr looks like, a Razr. Even the 2019 Razr, it just looks cool. I ALWAYS get compliments, questions, references, about my Razr. From talking to Assistant while it's closed, shaking it to get the flashlight on while it's closed, the face on the little screen while taking a picture, hanging up on someone by slamming it shut, ect…it's just universally cool. Samsungs best features are all inside. It's beautiful slab design with the smoothed edges don't matter when regular folks who can afford them keep it in an ugly OtterBox case. To be honest, yes Moto could've put more specs in the form factor, but, as a smart undergogged(made-up word) business they don't expect the Razr to outdo the climate that only pushes Apple and Samsung. However, at least they're Trying to satisfy customers. Apple is out here taking ports away, and telling consumers they don't need it while jack up prices? Sorry for the long rant ! Lol

  2. I would rather have the motorola because of the front screen. That one detail alone makes it shine.
    But I won't be able to afford one till it becomes old enough to be worth $50 by then I will be vary retro.

  3. These are 399.00 dollars on the Samsung site right now…with a trade in. I just traded in my old S10 and ordered one just because. I love the idea of the flips with the full screen modern feel to em..

  4. I had the Razer and I liked it. I liked the illuminated dial pad. And I'm glad they kept it. But, I like the Flip better. Yeah, the front screen is bigger on the Razer. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Flip 3 has a bigger front screen later on. Remember the first Galaxy Fold? But I've been a Samsung man for my past couple of phones. And I like that Mirror Purple. Hope I can that at Best Buy. Truth is, I've gotten tired of a large phone. I currently have Note 10+. And I'm looking for a change.

  5. Looking at the Z flip simply because I'm tired of cracking the screen (or the back) simply because I forgot to take it out of my back pocket before I sat down!.

  6. The Razr is clearly the better looking phone, no doubt about it. But it's a crappy phone in every other regard. The Z Fold isn't much better as a phone, but at least it's going the right way compared to the Razr's specs.

  7. I think the SAMSUNG Z flip is the best for this six reasons, first the price SAMSUNG isn’t as expensive as MOTOROLA, always I see the prize and the processor. Second, the screen resolution, SAMSUNG is as good as IPhone 12, it is much better in that way. You can see the videos in HD 4K. Third, the processor, SANSUMG has android 10 while MOTOROLA has an android 9, MOTOROLA don’t go as fast as SANSUMG. You can do it many things at the same time no problem with that. Fourth, MOTOROLA isn't as storage as the SANSUMG, I can save a lot of information from work or university and download many games with its 8GB RAM, it’s amazing. Fifth, MOTOROLA doesn’t have as well camera as SANSUMG, when I go to different places I always want to take a picture at sight or maybe take a selfie but in MOTOROLA doesn’t receive good light and the picture out a pretty black. Sixth, both batteries do last as long as a simple cellphone, that isn’t good because I don’t like to charge my phone only in the night. That's why I prefer SANSUMG before everything else than MOTOROLA.

  8. You've obviously never used a flip phone before. Otherwise you would definitely rate the razer hinge mechanism higher than the Samsung. You the phone to open or close fast with just a flick of the wrist. Not have to manually open or close it all the way.